Nikon Selling a Limited Edition Nikkor f/1.8 Box Set in Europe

Behold: a box set of Nikon prime lenses. This unique kit is a limited-edition item currently being sold by Nikon exclusively in certain European countries (it’s available in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and the UK). Inside the Nikon-branded aluminum case are three f/1.8 lenses: the 28mm, 50mm, and 85mm. Oh, and you get the manuals, lens hoods, and soft cases as well.

Brussels, Belgium-based camera store Photo Cine House got its hands on one of the kits, and shot the photos seen here.

The shop also filmed this short unboxing video:

Although there’s no official word on the price yet, it appears that retailers are selling the box sets for €1,259, or about $1,627. Buying the lenses separately costs about $1,420 here in the United States, so for an extra $200 bucks or so you get the Nikon-branded aluminum carrying case. After all, the lenses themselves aren’t any different than the ones packaged individually.

Nikon released a similar limited-edition box set last year, except that one featured three f/1.4 primes and looked a lot classier:

Also, the price tag of that box set actually came out to be lower than the sum of its parts.

(via PCH via Nikon Rumors)

Image credits: Photographs by Photo Cine House

  • 9inchnail

    “for an extra $200 bucks or so you get the Nikon-branded aluminum carrying case”

    Which you’re never going to use. No one is going to carry his lenses in that case, paying more for the set than the individual lenses is just crazy. The second set mentioned in the article is much more attractive.

    Since I’m a Canonite, I don’t care anyway.

  • Olliee

    I’ll take the 1.4 box ta

  • Ett Venter

    Am I the only one that doesn’t see the appeal in a bunch of “limited edition” 1.8 lenses? Sure, they’re all fancy in a box ‘n stuff, but at the end of the day, they’re 1.8 lenses. The case of 1.4 lenses, I can understand, but seriously, a 50mm f/1.8 is probably the first “cheap” lens that any starting enthusiast buys.

  • Ett Venter

    All great lenses, don’t get me wrong.

  • Krakers Kraken Maciek Krüger

    Northern Europe = Sweden, Norway, Finland :) :P

  • Amon

    You’re right but I think PP’s comparison was a little misleading here; lens set price in Europe vs. individual lens price in USA? Should have been lens set price in europe vs. individual lens price in Europe.

  • Amon

    But if you’re someone just starting out with only a kit lens then it makes for a nice gift set, no?

  • Arjan Post

    No, Sweden, Norway and Finland = Scandinavia

  • Steffen Graumann

    And Denmark! (I’m from Denmark ;·)
    But France is no where near the North of Europe. It’s in the south …

  • Jake

    If this is a real “limited edition” gift set, I want leather bound manuals printed on fine parchment, and real gold on the lens inlays! :D

  • Eziz

    I think they cost a little more separately in europe due to vat. So could be a good deal

  • Mansgame

    I decided to go my own cheap route by buying great AF-D primes for the times when I need one. For the price of a new 1.8G 50mm lens, you can almost buy a 1.4D…

  • Pelle

    If you compare it with what the lenses would cost separately here in Sweden, it adds up to about 20 euros less when buying the box set. Wich, for some, would be a good deal. For me? Probably… no.

  • Michael Zhang

    Thanks Krakers :) We edited the post.

  • pete n pete

    Yeah, more interested in the f/1.4 set. The case is nice-ish, but not practical. It would sit on the shelf in my closet, taking up space.

  • wickerprints

    Imagine if Canon released an f/1.2 prime box set: EF 85/1.2L II, EF 50/1.2L, and a newly developed EF 35/1.2L


  • G

    Strictly speaking Finland isn’t Scandinavia (that’s just something that for some reason has happened “in translation”), but Denmark is as pointed out.

  • sam

    Good job nikon!

    if CANON would come out similar package,
    it will be costing $2000 MORE than the summed price of the 3 lens and accessories