Using a Floor-to-Ceiling Pegboard as a Portrait Backdrop

During Halloween a month ago, we shared a simple portrait idea by photographer Nick Fancher that involved firing a flash through fog and a perforated hardboard for a backdrop filled with beams of light. Since that initial experiment, he has taken the concept and developed it even more.

Fancher recently built a “white room” in his basement using sheets of white pegboard and hardboard. It’s essentially a white cube without side walls.

The ceiling is just under 7-feet-high, but Fancher is still able to shoot full-body portraits using the area.

Firing strobes from behind the pegboard creates a pretty interesting look:

The white board definitely looks a lot better than the wood-colored board Fancher used last time.

You can find higher-res versions of these images over on Fancher’s blog and in this Flickr set.

Image credits: Photographs by Nick Fancher and used with permission

  • tonster

    very nice idea! thanx for sharing!! :)

  • Charlie Boucher

    Great job Nick! Cool idea and great results

  • Bryllupsfotograf VoresStoreDag

    Excellent job Nick! I love the idea! Thanks for sharing! Greetings from Denmark

  • Victor


  • Cochese

    It’s really cool to see something I’ve been doing for a bit, being done by other photographers. It makes me feel like less of a kludge. If that makes any sense.

  • John R

    Certainly shows up lens distortion.

  • Neil Taylor

    Other then the dark one with the kid, the rest are pretty uninteresting. Cool idea, though. I’d like to see more of this done, with the darker image in mind.

  • Nick

    Totally Agree!

  • DSLR Video Studio

    I saw a similar project like this using perforated metal sheets, with backlight light projecting through.