Funny Stop-Motion Animation Shows the Canon EOS M at the Mirrorless Party

Jordan Drake of Canadian camera shop The Camera Store just published this great hands-on field test of the Canon EOS M. Even if you don’t have 10 minutes to watch the entire review, you’ve got to check out the two short stop-motion animations that start at about 21s and 7m50s. They’re a hilarious (and accurate) sketches that poke fun at how “the Canon EOS M is a little bit late to the mirrorless party” and how the camera has a pretty shoddy autofocus system.

Here’s the same video that starts at the second stop-motion animation:

We published our own review of the Canon EOS M a week ago.

Update: Here’s a new video with only the stop-motion scenes:

  • Sum_it

    Fuji to Leica: “You’re my inspiration! …..When I grow up, I wanna be just like you!”

  • mirrorlessness

    no olympus?? Cause Camera store had a fight with them. How can you call yourself a camera store and not carry olympus.. or even mention one of the best selling mirrorless cameras during the mirrorless reviews?!?

  • YouDidntDidYou

    Haha I think I coined the phrase ” canon and Nikon being too late to the mirrorless party!” over on 43rumors

  • WKYA_Radio

    i will scream it to the hills- that AF system SUCKS.

    Dont listen to me though, go try it in a shop for yourself.

    I would have scored the camera a 5/10. 5 for the touchscreen+sensor+decent lenses, and a -5 for the totally screwed up af. Yes its that bad.

    I take certain info with a grain of salt, but if everyones saying it, then they may be onto something. Like Ive been hearing about the 5dm2’s terrible outer af points. So i tried it for myself.

    And yup- those outer points hunt like no tomorrow. Shame, its still a nicely built camera.

    But um, yeah

    “F the M.”

  • rtfe

    ha, i said that like 2 years ago at a denny’s

  • Ivan

    @8:41: Poor kids that nobody understands, Canon EOS M and Pentax K-01, LOL :)))

  • Bua

    it’s the deliberate crippling of the AF that pains my heart.

  • j.lipsch

    I’m my self a canon fan, but if i had the money!!!!!!
    There is no better camera than Leica in the past and the future.

  • Yeti

    I never will buy any other Canon product since a very poor treatment by the customer support in Switzerland…

  • lexplex

    It’s funny and true until the Leica comes in. The Canon has slow AF but the Leica has NO AF! Apart from the smaller sensor size, the EOS M otherwise beats the Leica in every other aspect besides aesthetics: better ISO, better interface, better screen, wider selection of lenses, better frame rate, more versatile, more compact, and doesn’t cost the same as a sports car to buy! The Fuji beats the Leica even more!