A Beginner’s Tutorial on Using Photoshop Layers, Sesame Street-style

Here’s a humorous and lighthearted 5-minute video titled, “Fafa’s Photoshop Tutorial.” Created by the comedy series Glove and Boots, it’s a short and sweet introduction to using layers in Photoshop… taught by puppets. Think Sesame Street meets Scott Kelby.

You’ll learn the basics of showing/hiding layers, duplicating them, deleting them, and more. It’d be neat if someone created an entire series of this type of video tutorial for elementary school computer labs. The videos would help introduce kids to photo editing at an early age.

P.S. You can download the tutorial files mentioned in the video here.

Thanks for sending in the tip, Leigh!

  • FrancoisM

    Hilarious ! Thanks for sharing :)

  • John Nathaniel Calvara

    Watching this video just made me laugh out loud like no photographer has never laughed before. I should recommended this to my students and to my photo friends.

  • Ross Jukes


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    Informative post on layer for the beginner.