Paparazzi Feeding Frenzy When Jennifer Lopez Appears at a Fashion Show

Last October, Jennifer Lopez made headlines around the world after showing up at a Chanel fashion show in Paris with her 4-year-old daughter (wearing $2,400 in jewelry) and 25-year-old boyfriend in tow. Photographs of the trio sitting in the front row quickly made their way to the front pages of major newspapers and websites.

Although the photos appear to show Lopez and co. peacefully sitting around, the environment created by the photographers there was anything but peaceful. S├ębastien Bauer was sitting a few rows back at the time, and captured the above video showing what it’s like to have frenzied paparazzi breathing down your neck as they look to score a widely-published shot.

Here’s a glimpse at some of the photos that were picked up and distributed from that day (mostly by Getty Images). Click any screenshot for the article in which the image is published:

It’s interesting how you don’t see any indication of how chaotic things were from the photos that resulted.

(via ISO 1200)

  • Will514

    of course there’s some jerk with an iPad at the end. ugh.

  • commatose

    Isn’t the guy filming also part of the barrage? But anyway, it is interesting.

  • John Mueller

    Don’t confuse “paparazzi” with event photographers. Those are credentialed members of the press covering the event compared to those who stalk celebs out in public.

  • Omar Franco

    That’s because these photos were taken during the parade, and the video was made before it began. And these situations happen commonly.

  • jasper122

    sorry but 2400 $ in jewelery.. my wife wears that every day.. her wedding ring.
    for lopez this is peanuts…. why mention it?

  • Goofball Jones

    I have done questionable things in my life, and I am a man of many sins, but at least I’m not a paparazzi…

  • Albi Kl

    Well said.

  • Attila Volgyi

    this was my thought as well…

  • JosephRT

    I think I seen the girl on the far left (mostly out of frame) reach over the top with a Sony RX1….and it stole the show.

  • Attila Volgyi

    exactly, these photographers have credentials to be there and photograph an event organized to be shown to the world by inviting both the celebrities to be talked about and the photographers to show the world the celebrities were there

    the real paparazzi work is about following the celebrities in their private life to catch intimate moments the celebrities don’t necessarily want to share with the world.
    I’ve worked with some paparazzi and they prefer less crowded situations to be the only one to get the shot (just like any other photographer). if you have to fight for the shot in such a crowd then none of the photos will have any real value because everyone has the same image.

  • William Kolb

    Sure, but that doesn’t mean they’re not being assholes.

  • Mak Wa

    Actually, I think it’s an old Panasonic GF1, the red model with the 20mm pancake lens. The design of the pop up flash is a dead give away.

  • jasper122

    like most people…

  • freeboprich

    Not to mention about 20 jerks with expensive DSLR equipment which is blatantly wasted on them…

  • Pete Charlesworth

    vultures, nothing more

  • Ralph Hightower

    Okay, move along people. What’s there about Lopez?