Portraits of Pound Dogs Most in Danger of Being Put Down

LaNola Kathleen Stone is a New York City-based professional photographer and dog lover who uses her talents and free time for a very heartwarming cause: Stone visits the dog pound near her home and specifically asks to shoot portraits of the dogs that are the “least likely to be adopted”, some of which have been there for over half a year and are likely in danger of being put down.

She says her goal is to create “fashionesque images” of those dogs — photos that portray the dogs’ personality and youth. Official pound portraits often do a terrible job at “selling” the dogs’ good qualities, and Stone wants to use her knowledge of portraiture to help speed up adoptions.

The resulting series is titled, “Least Likely to Be Adopted: Dog Pound Portraits.” It has changed the lives of many of her subjects: all the dogs featured in these portraits were later adopted.

You can see more of Stone’s work (and drop her a note of encouragement) over on her website.

(via Behance via Flavorwire)

  • JosephRT

    Really cool story. The portraits are great too. I have the biggest soft spot for dogs, sorry internet, cats aren’t my thing.

  • rtfe

    great work!! it’s not only the compassion you see in those eyes but those stale institutional rope/plastic collars that makes it well, more real.

  • J Withers

    This is exactly what NKLA did in LA. Except the dogs and cats that were photographed were saved from being ‘put down’ and adopted. Some took over 5 months but they all found homes. The photos were on billboards all over town. And can still be seen here:

  • Mike

    Very cool. I’m not a pro but I also volunteer at the local animal shelter to photograph their dogs available for adoption. Some of my photos can be seen here:

  • herzco

    Best thing I have seen all day, thanks!

  • Jared Monkman

    I agree! Cats are assholes. Great portraits nonetheless

  • Carin Basson

    Great pictures, I’m glad these dogs found homes :)

  • Fabian

    a hairy boston terrier