DSLR Gear No Idea: Videos Poking Fun at Clueless DSLR Users

Sony Australia is trying its hand at some viral marketing for its mirrorless cameras. The company has created a YouTube account called DSLR Gear No Idea, which contains a number of very short videos that poke fun at clueless DSLR users. The description of the channel reads:

These are the DSLR clueless – all the gear and no idea. Remind you of someone? Share it with them using the ‘share’ button. To find out more visit

Each of the videos (apart from the lengthier compilation above) runs about 15 seconds and features a different stereotype. “F-Stop Fusspot” mocks the portrait photographer who’s constantly changing settings on a camera he doesn’t understand. “The Flasher” pokes fun at those who insist on using their flash in any and every situation.

Here are the eight videos uploaded to the channel so far:

Foreign Correspondent

Status Updaters

F-Stop Fusspot

The Flasher

Sideline Hero

Macro Freak

Lens Spotter

The Vidiot

Sony is currently the #2 in the rapidly growing mirrorless camera market (at least in Japan), while companies that have been traditional powerhouses in the DSLR industry — namely Canon and Nikon — have struggled to make a splash. Sony is moving away from DSLRs and into SLTs, so it’s free to bash on its old industry at the expense of its rivals.

DSLRGEARNOIDEA [YouTube via Reddit]

  • Jase C

    Very funny. Have been wanting to do this for a long time myself!
    Reminds me of this earlier article:

  • sixchain

    As a NEX-5n user, I chuckled.

  • Tim O’Bryan

    I’ve really no clue what these are supposed to accomplish but they’re effing hilarious. The vidiot with his full cine shoulder rig is amazing haha

  • Guest

    Pretty coward of Sony to disable comments on YouTube and not mentioning anywhere that those videos are made by them. Also I doubt that those errors the DSLR users are making in the videos do not apply to a NEX system.

  • Jase C

    Touché. Actually the first ten or twelve shots in burst mode I took on a NEX-5 I borrowed from a friend came out black due to a lens cap malfunction.

  • Scott Simpson

    I recently got a DSLR (Canon T4i) after giving up my 35mm SLR in 2000 for a newfangled compact digital. I plan to be all of the above soon….except the macro lady….I don’t have a macro lens….yet.

  • Rūdolfs Rancāns

    I can totally relate to the ”sideline hero” guy… :/

  • W van de Kletersteeg

    The video’s are hilarious and the people portrayed very recognizable. I love it. Made me feel embarrassed a little bit ’cause I could relate, haha. But I doubt the message behind this is clear. All this could just as well happen with a system camera. Even the lens freak en sideline hero. I don’t see any difference there.

  • Anthony Harrison

    Hilarious – Too my surprise I’ve worked with the actor in F-Stop fusspot

  • michaelp42

    Brilliantly done. Kudos Sony!

  • DafOwen

    The part about the video rig right at the end is quite amusing.

  • Terry King

    I lost it at the DSLR video rig, then realized once upon a time my rig didn’t look too different….

  • Cochese

    Most of them are funny, but the macro video doesn’t really fit in. I’m not even sure what they are trying to make fun of half of the time. The F/stop and sideline here are pretty funny. Though, sideline here represents sheer stupidity. I mean, come on, who, even being an amature, faces away from the direction of approach for an event?

  • Mike

    I take it that Sony cameras are for people who suck at shooting?

  • Mansgame

    Funny…except Sony makes DSLRs too and they are behind everybody else and will be for ever. If the time comes when wedding photographers have little NEX cameras instead of DSLR’s, during the Olympics, Superbowl, NBA finals, World Cup etc. you see a sea of shiny NEX cameras instead of DSLR’s then Sony can talk.

    The fact is that mirrorless cameras are more or less a hipster fad now. Maybe in the future the technology will evolve but they’re not there yet. I’d rather spend my finite money on a DSLR and a nice point and shoot like the G15 or P7700 if I don’t want to take my DSLR with me. Hell even a cell phone will do. Mirrorless is the worst of both worlds.

  • Michael Tischendorf

    Sony Nex – DSLR sensor quality, but without quality lenses.

  • ProtoWhalePig

    Those were pretty funny. I think they need to add MF/LF filmshooters too; that’s a group that deserves to be the butt of as many jokes as possible. And I speak as a member of it.

  • Keiran Blackwell

    I agree… no idea what they’re meant to achieve, but… I really want to buy that cine rig, :S

  • James Schooling

    I was all of those people once. DSLR guy shooting with a popup flash and camera constantly set on auto. These remind me of how miserable I was.

  • James Schooling

    And yeah, the Sideline Hero guy is all of us sometimes.

  • Ravi Juneja

    All this does it poke fun at people using their cameras – most people having their picture taken couldn’t care less what camera they’re being shot with, DSLR, Mirrorless, Rangefinder… who gives a monkey’s arse, really. I’d say this campaign is an own goal if you look at the wider picture; it’s anti-amateur photography. Btw, I’m a pro-photographer, and if I use a DSLR (I don’t always), I always use it with a flash, that’s my look for DSLR work.

  • vinterchaos

    I’ve seen wedding photographs that were fantastic using the NEX system, as well as wedding videos, as well as every other kind of shooting.. from birding to sports and photoshoots. It is a pretty versatile camera. Someone used an iPhone to shoot the Olympics, so you’ll surely start seeing mirrorless cameras being used in big events in the future. This is why all companies are investing some sort of resource to mirrorless cameras.

    As far as quality, the NEX lenses could probably be better, but there is no shortage of “DSLR” quality shots made by the NEX, go take a look on flickr and be less of a snob that is talking without knowing a damn thing.

  • vinterchaos

    Ya you use a flash on camera for everything you shoot, always?

  • bob

    Helloooo Macro freak!

  • lidocaineus

    Please stop using the word hipster as some kind of insult – it ruins your entire argument.

  • Sergei

    All the videos feature Sony SLT/SLR cameras by the way. I guess Sony’s message is that lots of amateurs buy this expensive equipment they actually have no clue how to use, when all they wanted was a small camera with good image quality. Buy nex for fun instead. Buying a scalpel and an MRI machine won’t make you a brain surgeon, neither will a good heavy DSLR make you a pro shooter.

  • vinterchaos

    Maybe they’re saying suck on our cameras instead? You can’t deny you go to an area with tourists and there are a massive amounts of people to laugh at struggling to use their camera like a normal human being.

  • Jean-Paul Vernier Porsche

    i just saw Status Updaters and Macro Freak, don’t know why.

  • Rob

    I like macro freak and i know why

  • Steffen Graumann

    This is not good … I’m the middle-aged male version of Macro Freak ;·I

  • Chris

    Thats a great way to alienate your customers. Well done Sony for making me never want to associate with you. I hope Nikon and Canon wont take the micky out of me for buying their kit too !

  • Pete

    I know why as well. At least she isn’t pissing anyone else off :P

  • Pete

    Sony DSLR cameras (and SLTs) are perfectly capable pieces of kit. Brands don’t make good photographers, and beyond that everything is so close to equal (inside the $3,000 bracket anyway, which is 90% of the customers, and most of those crop sensors) as to make no difference.

  • Mansgame

    A good photographer can take a picture with what he has, but to do something consistently in various settings requires gear that is time tested. Your argument that someone used an iPhone to shoot the olympics is a joke. When you have the luxury to choose what and when to take a picture of then any camera will do, but when you have to take a picture and there is no second take, a DSLR will win every single time unless the technology changes leaps and bounds.

  • Mansgame

    You sound like a hipster.

  • Mansgame

    Actually it does. How many lens rental places do you know that carry SLT lenses? Hell, how many of them carry Sony gear? Where can you buy and sell SLT gear and how big is the selection? I can find 10 year old Nikkor or Canon lenses that work perfectly with today’s cameras at a fraction of the cost of the new gear. What about your SLT?

  • vinterchaos

    I don’t think you understand the technology.

  • jjcf

    No, it’s anti acting-like-a-knob. It’s only an own goal if sony shooters are all obnoxious douchebags.

    Are they?

  • Pete

    Availability/accessibility of gear determines the effectiveness of the gear? So Hasselblads and Phase-Ones must be terrible cameras as I’ve never seen a local merchant selling them or any equipment for them.
    Lens rental availability obviously depends on market share, but market share by itself doesn’t determine the capabilities and performance of a particular camera brand.

    Lens rental for Sony systems is admitted pretty poor, but I don’t rent lenses anyway. Outside of renting, the gear is just as available as any Canon/Nikon gear.

    Also, all old Minolta lenses work with Sony Alpha systems, much like your old Nikkors. And there is no such thing as an SLT lens.

  • Ghill Tochon

    I’m a Sony DSLR user since 2008, and I love them. I had the chance of using canon dslr systems sometimes, but I’m sticking with Sony.
    And about those videos,yeah,I gotta admit that I’ve been a little like them since I’m taking photos,and reminds me of a few photogs friends..:)

  • Kimberly Siebert

    None of my canons sound like that. Audio=fail.

  • dmsreg

    You can see what this is trying to get at but it’s not particularly well done given a promising premise. The bike thing, for example; a DSLR would wake, focus and shoot just as quickly as a point’n’shoot, not paying attention is hardly a feature of the camera. The macro one is plain silly, but she’s fit so hey. The status updaters would use their smartphone- no one does the thing they’re taking the mick out of! So that falls flat.

    They’d be FAR better off just showing Mum and 2.4 kids getting bored in front of a series of “interesting” places on holiday while Dad takes half an hour to get the big heavy camera out and take a photo, and then Dad getting back sweaty after lugging 10 pounds of kit around for the day, since I guess those are the biggest reasons most potential DSLR users would get something smaller instead.

    Please note that it does have to be that way round, it is The Law in Advertland that men are bumbling, hapless idiots unable to operate a cloth and women are smart and sassy but resigned to the uselessness of their husbands (who despite being morons seem to be living in detached suburban houses with 50 sq m newly-fitted kitchens, presumably Mums are also all barristers).

  • Andres Trujillo

    yeah… that’s why

  • Roy


  • Photography

    Let this be a lesson to those that wear socks with sandals!

  • Dave Melges

    People keep repeating that like saying it more times will make it true, lol. Which lens is it, exactly, that YOU shoot, that you can’t get a quality version of for Alpha mount.

    Personally, I’m going to go AUTOFOCUS my ZEISS PRIMES on my Alpha, and check back on your response….I’m sure this will be entertaining.

    (can’t hurt to actually RESEARCH a thought before you post it)

  • Dave Melges

    You disqualified yourself immediately. Sony does NOT make DSLRs, and their SLTs are in most ways superior to SLRs.

    And sports photography has to be the easiest photography job on Earth…and we all know the main reason you see Canikon at the Olympics, is most sports photographers ALREADY owned their lenses when Sony started making high end cameras. BUT, yes, on the sidelines at the Olympics, there were a lot of SONY cameras…mostly a77s and a few testing a99s.

    And you obviously haven’t shot a new, mirrorless camera. The SONY NEX-7, or NEX-6 clean the floor with mid-range Canikons, and then they go in your POCKET.

    Of course if you want to mention some kind of SPEC, or FEATURE, or DATA, instead of just running your mouth….that would be different….but if you were tapped into actual CURRENT DATA, you wouldn’t have said something dumb, like “Sony makes DSLRs too.” lol

  • Paul Abruzzo

    We just learned who the hipster in this crowd is. Don’t feel bad hipster get your black framed glasses all teary.

  • Lidocaineus

    Your strawman argument is weak. say something meaningful and ill respond, otherwise begone troll.

  • Jacqui Dee

    Uhh, ZEISS mean anything to you??