MyShoebox Launches Free and Unlimited Cloud Storage for Photos

MyShoebox is a new photo storage and sharing service that has been making a splash after launching a little over a week ago. Its offering is easy to describe: free and unlimited cloud storage for photos that can then be viewed from anywhere. Think of it as a Dropbox dedicated to preserving and enjoying photos.

Unlike other similar services — Snapjoy is one that comes to mind — MyShoebox doesn’t limit its membership plans based on storage, but on resolution. Free accounts can store an unlimited number of JPG and PNG photos (RAW isn’t supported), but it limits the dimensions to 1024px and shrinks uploaded photos down if necessary. Pay $5 a month, and you’ll be able to store an unlimited number of max-res images — as long as they weigh in at under 20MB each.

It seems that people are buying into the idea of unlimited photo storage and sharing. TechCrunch reports that the service saw pretty positive numbers over the first week of its existence: 1.9 million photos uploaded during that span, with an average of 2,600 photos uploaded per user.

This absurdly high number can be explained by the fact that the service is geared toward volume, emphasizing quantity over quality. The service offers native apps for most major computer, tablet, and smartphone operating systems — apps that sync your entire photo collection to the cloud without you having to do any extra work.

Once photographs are in the cloud, the service organizes them based on their EXIF data, allowing you to keep things tidy and run searches on the collection.

With the rise of services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Amazon Cloud Drive, cloud file storage has been a booming market as of late. MyShoebox is simply taking that concept and putting a photo-sharing twist on it.

  • Anh Vu

    I think Google Web Picasa is better. It’s free if you upload an image less than 2048 x 2048 pixel

  • Joe

    I have been using SmugMug for the last few years. I have over 51,000 files (combination of full res jpegs and 1080p videos from 5D Mark II) stored on the site. And for only $60 a year for my plan, I think it is a great value.

  • Mansgame

    1024 px? So this is just a toy…

  • Mike

    Limited to 20MB jpg/png files even on the pro plan. This isn’t a backup service for anyone who shoots with a high res DSLR or wants to save their raw files. High quality jpg files from a D800 are over 20MB.

  • amiright

    I use SmugMug, too, but their iPad app is essentially dead on current iOS versions, and was buggy before that. No updates in 2 YEARS. When it did work, it let you store galleries for offline viewing, which was nice. My renewal is in March, so if the app doesn’t get fixed by then I’m not renewing and will be looking for something better with good app support.

  • Anthony Burokas

    This begs a question: Sort of an “Ask PetaPixel”
    I have zero online / cloud photo storage. But want to leverage something available today, so that:
    A) my images are backed up in case of house fire.
    2) my wife (on a PC) and I (on a Mac) can both access the files easily. I can keyword them, but she want to be able to find an image of Opa, and my daughter, from a certain trip. So Opa, Sophia, Tahoe, and bam, she has images.

    Right now everything is folder based by month on an in-home NAS (single drive failure resistant) but I’m looking to solve the two above problems.

  • Chris Andrews

    Picasa / Google+ is great (especially since they offer the best image quality of all free services), but it needs a better interactive social side of the application. It’s great for viewing the photos of people you follow on G+, but it doesn’t have the same contextual searching experience of Flickr, or ‘hot new photos’ experience of both Flickr and 500px…

  • jake

    cloudstorage isnt safe either. i just use that for clients so they can download the pics more easily. for my backup i just use an extern hd (back-up daily) and my harddrive on the pc. when the extern hd is full i copy it to an additional extern hd. so every picture is permanent on two different places.

  • Tillard

    I agree the SmugMug app isn’t good. Disappointing since I’m thrilled with everything else related to SmugMug.

    If you’re just looking to view your SmugMug collection on an iPad (or iPhone), I’ve been very happy with SmugView, a 3rd party app that costs $3.

  • amiright

    I think the feature I’d like to keep is the offline storage. Does SmugView let you save pictures/galleries locally (offline) on an iPad?

  • Tillard

    Yes it lets you save photos for offline viewing.

  • Cloud Storage Expert

    Very interesting I also, Facebook now also does photo sync for free.

  • A’

    but i wouldnt consider using google+/picasa for hosting my photos espicially the private ones.. couple of days ago i got my account suspended for no reason and all my work and data were simply gone with no return.. they seem to invade your privacy at some point and you start to question yourself whether they have been looking into your data or not!

  • Shelia

    I have a SmugMug account also… and they have hired a person to delevloped the 3rd party app to work strictly on their smart phone app… and now the app is Free. Works great for my Galaxy 3.