Photog Accidentally Captures Montreal on Fire in His First Time-Lapse

This past Thursday, a spectacular three-alarm fire consumed the upper floors of a 6-story building in Old Montreal. Photographer Evan Kitaljevich found himself in the right place at the right time, and documented the blaze unintentionally in an uncommon way: through time-lapse photos.

Kitaljevich was on the other side of the Saint Lawrence River, shooting photos his very first time-lapse video using a Nikon D300, a Sigma 10-20mm, and a GorillaPod. Then the fire suddenly broke out, and make his introductory time-lapse project one that he’ll be remembering for a long time.

Kitaljevich writes,

This was honestly my first attempt at making a time-lapse. I downloaded/figured out LRtimelapse (the trial version) in the afternoon then went out around sunset to shoot […] Pan and zoom were added in post […] To anyone who wants to try this, my best advice is to use a really sturdy (possibly weighed down) tripod. I wish I had one, because shooting with a GorillaPod in a bit of wind made the camera shake between frames. I used the AE warp stabilizer to try and smooth it out, but it still looks a bit weird and wobbly.

One of Kitaljevich’s still photographs of the event, titled ‘Fire in the Old Port,’ is also making the rounds in the news.

  • vinterchaos

    wow, he was prepared with some setup for his first time eh ?

  • Mr. Pyro

    Coincidental – i think not! ;)

  • Viktor Dite

    did he has fired it? ;)

  • BelieveInFilm Gordon

    I love your use of qualifying quotes it always “amazes” me.

  • lakawak

    Didn’t actually catch the fire. He responded to it since he obviously had stopped taking pictures before it started and then started again after the first got big enough to see.
    So certainly not an “accident” that he caught it.

  • paul

    Its pretty shaky when the fire breaks out, you can clearly see the lights in the building to the right change right as the fire starts. Too bad he didnt actually happen to be there when it broke out, its clearly stitched with another set of frames…

  • Chen Lavonia

    you can clearly see the lights in the building to the right change right as the fire starts.

  • tiredofit123

    Wow….hope nobody was hurt but it makes for a spectacular effect.

  • E Kital

    Here’s the worst part about this- I was actually sitting, reading a book/waiting for the sequence to finish when I looked up and noticed the fire. I ran over to my camera only to find that I lost the past 32 frames to a r/w error. I restarted it, but with 32 (2sec) frames gone I was missing about a minute… guess when the fire started?

  • Guest

    really weird, I can’t explain it.

  • swade

    That’s his first time-lapse? Incredibly well done for a first go.

  • Max

    Shame it’s not longer.. was he in a hurry?