Photographer Documents Four Years in the Life of One Park Bench

Photographing people on park benches is nothing new in photography, but photographers usually capture different people sitting on different benches. Ukrainian photographer Eugene Kotenko did something different: he spent four years documenting the life of a single park bench outside his house.

The series shows both the passage of time and portraits of those who pass by. We see the bench in various seasons, in various states of decay, and painted with various colors. We see leisure, love, eating, drinking, and sleeping, and waiting. The bench becomes a miniature theater in which strangers come and offer momentary glimpses into their personal lives.

The project is aptly titled, “Bench.”

The project reminds us of the famous phrase uttered in Shakespeare’s As You Like It:

All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players: They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts.

You can see many more photographs from this project over on

Bench by Eugene Kotenko [ via Lense]

P.S. For a similar photographic study of a small area over a long period of time, check out the work of photographer Ahae, who spent years shooting millions of photographs through his studio window.

Image credits: Photographs by Eugene Kotenko

  • Razeus

    And what was the point? This photos aren’t interesting and look SOOC.

  • Rūdolfs Rancāns

    This is great!

  •!/thelonelylights Adam Cross

    what’s wrong with SOOC ? nothing wrong with that at all. not everyone feels the need to use photoshop

  • Lucas De Oliveira Ferreira

    it’s the daily routine of the life of several strangers, all of them have different lives, and lived different thing, and that bench was just one tiny little moment that was captured by the camera of the photographer, it’s like you only see one part of the life of the people, that you may never see then again, i think it’s a good project, and i support, i like it, it’s simples and somehow, beautyfull

  • laura

    actually I find it quite interesting lol

  • Matthew

    Photography is more than pretty pictures. photography is SUPPOSED to tell a story, as these photos do. Some people just can’t look beyond the curtain to see what’s really going on

  • Eric

    Not my favorite project but I appreciate the juxtaposition found in the final image. Nice contrast.

  • fast eddie

    This is pretty awesome. I’ll bet that guy sees so much stuff out of his window. Eastern European countries have some real characters hanging out in the parks. I’ve seen plenty while in Poland and the Czech Republic.

  • bartolomy
  • Jon Woodbury

    Who cares if they are sooc? I wouldn’t give them to a wedding client but it’s a different type of photography. They tell a story, both individually and collectively. I like it.

  • rtfe

    nice series/concept. the children’s sandbox provides a slightly disturbed look within voyeurism theme. telephoto from the bedroom window aimed at a bench, and a playground.

  • sander van der veen

    They sure like a drink or two! :)

  • AshtonNekolah

    I like it, reminded me of the age of old friends.

  • Peter Holmes

    Nothing wrong with these at all, nothing wrong with SOOC life isn’t PS is it and this is life from his viewpoint and window.