Controlling the Canon 6D Using the Built-In Wi-Fi and a Smartphone

The Canon 6D is the first Canon DSLR to offer built-in Wi-Fi, which allows a smartphone or tablet to be paired with the camera to act as an external remote, viewfinder, photo viewer, and hard drive. If you want to see how the system works, check out this 5-minute video by Dave Etchells over at Imaging Resource. It’s a short demonstration of the free EOS Remote smartphone app in action by Canon’s Chuck Westfall.

The app offers two basic functions: remote shooting and image viewing.

Remote shooting turns your smartphone into the equivalent of a powerful external viewfinder and remote. You see the camera’s LiveView on your screen, and you can focus, adjust camera settings, and trigger the shutter.

The image viewing feature allows you to access the photos on your 6D’s memory card straight from the phone. You can see full metadata, rate photos, and pinch to zoom — just like you do with ordinary smartphone photos.

In the past, people have come up with all kinds of accessories/programs/hacks to use smartphones in this way, and most official solutions nowadays require a Wi-Fi attachment, but we’ll likely see this type of built-in Wi-Fi become a standard DSLR feature in the near future.

P.S. Imaging Resource has a great hands-on preview of the Canon 6D if you’d like to learn more about the camera itself.

  • AW

    Wasn’t a big fan of wifi on cameras, but now I can see this would be useful in some cases. Now what we need is a wifi tripod, so you can set up the tripod and camera in a location and then adjust pan, tilt and zoom all from a different and comfortable location via a tablet. Not great for fast shooting, but could be useful inside certain buildings for certain events and places where there isn’t a lot of room for a photographer to stand behind the tripod, or where the camera needs to be placed somewhere awkward.

  • Jonathan Maniago

    Any bets regarding how long it’d take before anybody delivers a full-frame DSLR with GPS, Wi-Fi connectivity, and a variable angle touchscreen? I’ve always wondered why nobody seems to throw in every currently existing feature into a single camera model.

  • John Nathaniel Calvara

    I hope there’s a button that turns off the WiFi, I don’t want creeps stealing my photos.

  • Cyrus

    My guess is within a year or maximum of 2yrs. Sony have been putting up features from its lower end camera’s to the higher end ones as can be seen with it’s new A99 which has GPS & a variable screen however lacks wifi and touchscreen. At the same time the new nex5r and nex6 adds wifi so could end up in their next apsc and then full frame perhaps.

  • Cyrus

    Personally i’m excited with such an inbuilt system which is a better implementation to the Nikon dongle or Eye-fi. It’s gone from compacts to mirrorless to apsc and finally full frame. Not everyone might use this feature, but there are times that it comes in pretty handy. Sure it could drain more battery and there’s still a lag but things will improve with time.

  • 9inchnail

    “I’ve always wondered why nobody seems to throw in every currently existing feature into a single camera model”

    Because you make more money adding one feature at a time. If you released a camera with all those features, why would anyone buy any newer models? It’s much more profitable this way.

  • 9inchnail

    It has to be. Wifi drains your battery, it would be stupid to not include an option to turn it off.

  • Righteye

    I used to do the tethered version of this a lot when taking pictures of Fabric samples with the camera raised high on a background roll stand, this will be much safer ( no cables for people to trip over, wonder if it could show on more than one device, great for photographer and client.
    JM, yes it would be great to have vari-angle touchscreen all makes over head and macro so much easier.
    Just waiting to see about dynamic range on this camera if it is up to 13 or better 14 its going in my camera bag!
    GPS with out ugly Attachment about time and another great feature.

  • Wesolowsky

    Will it work with 5D MIII and WFT? Or is it 6D exlusive?

  • Dave

    That is coming out on Thursday.