Adobe Says Photoshop and Lightroom Both Play Nice with Windows 8

Just in case you’ve been wondering: yes, the latest versions of Adobe’s photo-editing programs are all compatible with the new Microsoft Windows 8. Adobe product manager Jeffrey Tranberry writes,

We’re happy to announce that Photoshop CS6, Lightroom 4 and Elements 11 are compatible with Microsoft Windows 8. The only issue customers might see is with document window transparency/flickering in Photoshop CS6 caused by video drivers. The drivers that ship with Windows 8 may not be the most recent available from the card vendors […]

I recommend that customers make sure they have the lastest drivers from either AMD or nVidia. If you still have problems with the latest drivers, try setting the Advanced Settings for OpenGL Drawing/Graphic Card Processing in the Photoshop’s Preferences>Performance… dialog so that Drawing Mode is set to “Basic.”

Microsoft has already ensured that Windows 8 is fully backwards-compatible with Windows 7 software. Adobe is just confirming that photographers can upgrade with peace of mind knowing that their existing workflow can still be used on the other side.

Windows 8 and Photoshop [Photoshop Blog via John Nack]

  • LeJacobRoy

    But the question is: Who wants to update to Windows 8 ??

  • VocalShrapnel

    That’s nice. now how about that retina compatibility?

  • Joakim

    Every other version of Windows has been rubbish. So the odds are big that Windows 8 will be crap.

    Windows 3.11 – good
    Windows 95 – bad
    Windows 98 – good
    Windows Me – bad
    Windows 2000/XP – good
    Windows Vista – bad
    Windows 7 – good

    I did test Windows 8 beta, didn’t like it. So will stick with Windows 7 and Linux (Ubuntu 12.10)

  • sgtfrog

    I updated to windows 8.

    I actually like windows 8 ALOT. Takes some getting used to but Its extremely smooth and so far I like it! Don’t get it if you dont like change!

    As for photoshop c6 working in windows 8. Yeah It works but i had some video card issues. Even the latest drivers were giving me issues with opengl not working and the flickering problem. IF i change drawing mode setting to “Basic” everything works great. Does not work in advance or normal drawing mode setting unfortunately.

  • guest

    stupid question, no real programs other than MS Office work on ‘RT’ version of Windows 8, right?

    A bunch of tablets are coming out toting “Windows 8″, and it’s hard to distinguish whether or not they’re full-on x86 Windows 8, or just some truncated mobile version.

  • Albi Kl

    Had the same issues until I ran it in compatibility mode for win7. Still not perfect but much better than running it under win8.

  • David Molina

    I upgraded to Win8 the day it came out and really love it. I few annoyances here and there but that’s expected from any OS. Nothing big though. Everything Adobe (and Windows) has worked flawlessly. I’m happy.

  • Brian

    If the only “semi-fix” is to set video acceleration to pretty much off and it “might” help the issue, then I am sorry Photoshop & Windows 8 DO NOT in play nice YET.

    Same double talk we have been getting for weeks about this issue. Except now the BS excuse of Windows 8 isn’t officially released and will be fully supported when it does has expired.

    This IS a major issue on a major piece of commercial software millions of people rely on daily and have paid enormous amounts of money for, please get this taken care of soon…

  • cochese25

    There are a few hundred apps in the app store, but currently, the pickings are at a “good enough” spot. They’ve got all of the basics covered and new apps are added every day.

    As for distinguishing whether they are Windows 8 or Windows 8 ARM… It’s super simple. Windows 8 for ARM will always have the moniker “Windows RT.”
    Windows 8 will always say Windows 8. That aside, the easiest way to tell is just by looking at the processer. Is it an Intel or AMD CPU? Than it is x86 compatible.

  • cochese25

    What kind of hardware are you running? I’ve got two setups running Photoshop and Bridge CS6 and they have worked flawlessly under Windows 8 pro (note, the release candidate is missing key features). No driver issues or anything. Lightroom 4.2 is even faster than on my Windows 7 Machines.

    My specs are as follows:
    Laptop 1
    Windows 8 Pro HP DV8t quad

    Core i7 (first gen)
    8gigs ram
    256gb SSD
    Nvidia GT230m/ 1gb VRAM

    Laptop 2

    Core i7 (second gen)
    8gigs RAM
    500gb 7200RPM HDD
    Nvidia GTX 580M/ 2gb VRAM
    I’ve had no issues with Adobe products running on either set up. My only desktop has a similar set up as the second laptop and I’ve had no problems.

  • Jeffrey Tranberry

    Brian, which card do you have? Do you have the latest drivers from the AMD/nVidia website? BTW – Basic is not off – it just changes which API are called to the driver.

  • sgtfrog

    my desktop is a
    intel core i7-2600 3.4 ghz , 64 bit
    16 gigs ram
    256gb ssd
    ati radeon hd5700 ( not sure how much mem on this one.. probably 500mb maybe 1 gig… who knows..)

    We’re running different kinds of Video cards so thats probably where lies my problem. Its obviously a video card driver. Anyways I have it working now if i use older beta drivers and set the drawing mode to basic in the vid card settings in photoshop. Works great. I look forward to newer drivers that work better. Either way, I’m liking windows 8 so far

  • icons

    IN the above images theres a Metro Style tile/icon for Photoshop / lighting ( Ps / Lr )
    Does adobe have metro style icons when you install? Because mine just show up as old crappy typical icons in metro… I like the ones showing the the jpgs above.. how do you get those?

  • Michael Zhang

    That’s just an illustration we made. Does not reflect anything in reality :)

  • icons

    =( that makes me sad. i hope microsoft allows custom tiles in the near future. the metro UI looks Great but the standard icons are killing it =(

  • Jethro

    I can see it, must be compatible with my retinas. I suggest an eye test.

  • MarvinB7

    I actually really like it. My wife just got a new laptop with 8 installed. As I was setting it up for her I got very used to the quick ways of navigating and finding things. Now I feel like a clutz on my laptop with 7. I keep trying to do the stuff in 8 that is so nice. And for $40 for pro, it’s not the worst deal in the world.

  • cabal18

    i have 2 and 5 and going try out 6 both 2-5 dont work 2 has monitor issues and 5 keep asking for other disc and rejects any thing i throw at it .

  • Warrenvon

    NOT SO! Win 8 drops the My Docs, My Pics and My Video folders. And this WILL break your LR 4 catalog and you WILL NOT see your Win 7 catalog(s) in Win 8/LR4 update! I’m still trying to figure out how to relink to my old images!

  • Kevin

    Windows like star trek man. Every other one is good. :/

  • Chris N.

    If you use My Pictures for your LR catalogs, you’re gonna have a bad time when you won’t be able to access your C: drive due to a system crash. Or when you reinstall your operating system, like you just did.
    Never store anything important on C:.

    You can relink the photos to the catalog by opening the catalog, and then in Library mode go to the folders panel on the left. You will see the missing folders with a question mark. Right click – Find missing folder…
    Hope it helps.

  • TonkaTuck

    Who cares? No professional content creators are using Windows 8 for anything, and right now they are looking for alternatives to Adobe’s non-cloud subscription service. The only company looking more out of touch than Microsoft right now is Adobe, so this is really just rather pathetic.