This Photograph Was Shot Using a Tablet Computer, the Google Nexus 10

The photograph seen here was shot using a tablet computer — one that doesn’t officially exist yet. Google engineering SVP Vic Gundotra posted the image to Google+ at 4:57 this morning with the caption, “Early morning walk on the beach.” A quick peek at the EXIF data reveals that it was captured with the “Google Nexus 10,” a tablet that’ll reportedly be unveiled at a press event next Monday.

We’re guessing the HDR-ish image was processed in Snapseed, the Google-owned photo-editing app that Gundotra is quite fond of.

The photo has a resolution of 2048×1536, or about 3 megapixels, but the Nexus 10 will reportedly carry a 5-megapixel rear camera. That seems to be the new standard resolution for tablet computer cameras; the new iPad and iPad Mini both have serious 5-megapixel camera units as well.

With things like 5-element f/2.4 lenses and backside-illuminated sensors making their way onto tablet computers, it seems that the companies behind them are starting to take tablet photography seriously… Photographing with a tablet as a camera looks strange to us now, but the line between large smartphone and small tablet is quickly disappearing. Soon, tabletography might be a common sight.

(via Engadget)

Update: Here’s a second photograph both taken and uploaded around the same times:

  • Mansgame


  •!/thelonelylights Adam Cross

    Just waiting for the elitists to chime in with “OMG THIS IS AWFUL – JUST BUY A DSLR, ONLY PEOPLE WITH DSLRs ARE “REAL” PHOTOGRAPHERS”

  • JD929

    The size of tablets just make them seem awkward for photographs, but I’ve seen a lot of people using even 10″ tablets for taking photos.

  • Amryl

    Taking photo with a tablet should not be as weird as taking a photo with a Linhof Super Technika.

  • ga1n

    I get iphonegraphy.. but tablets? why?

  • guest

    I’m confused why 10″ Nexus has a rear camera, but my 7″ Nexus doesn’t.. I use it for school, and I can think of a million apps that would benefit from a rear camera.

  • guest

    Rear cams on tablets aren’t for replacing a point-and-shoot, so much as for app functionality.

    Say you’re taking notes via Evernote, and you want to attach a pic of the professor’s blackboard scribbles. My university is now charging for scanning things, so I would have loved to use a pic-to-PDF ‘scanner’ app for articles. Or you want to use an app like Smart Tools.

  • guest

    one word: apps.

  • osh_sektabrand

    pam-param, padabum-tssss

    Exposure Time (1 / Shutter Speed) = 4/10000 second ===> 1/2500 second ===> 0.0004 second
    Lens F-Number / F-Stop = 27/10 ===> ƒ/2.7
    ISO Speed Ratings = 50

  • madmax

    Doesn´t seem to be HDR. Just an overcast sky…

  • foggyflute

    yeah, look like any typical 5mp sensor on phone, blow highlight, lost detail in shadow, nothing worth mention.

  • val escobar

    It ain’t the camera, people. Some cat named Rockwell keeps preaching that.

  • Attila Volgyi

    that was exactly my reaction reading the title: “…and?”

  • CorbynR

    The HDR here does not look fantastic.* There are some weird/funky color changes going on, and still a lot of over/underexposed places in the pictures.
    *This is my opinion, therefore it is up to the beholder whether or not this holds true.