Canadian Prime Minister Randomly Drops in on Couple’s Wedding Photos

Wedding photographers always try to prepare themselves for unexpected events and unplanned photo ops, but there’s no way photographer Laura Kelly was expecting what happened this past weekend. While photographing couple Jocelyne Potvin and Patrick Sullivan on their wedding day, an unexpected guest came in to the frame: Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Kelly shares how it happened,

Three black cars all in a row pull into the parking lot. And someone jokingly says, “I bet you it’s the Prime Minister or something!”

We laugh, and move on with our photo taking.

But then as the cars were preparing to leave the little parking lot (that couldn’t have held more than 20 cars or so), they stopped. And 20 seconds went by. And wouldn’t you know it, Mr. Stephen Harper himself came over to wish the Bride & Groom a happy wedding day!

For American wedding photographers, this would be the equivalent of President Obama showing up and jumping into the shot.

Turns out Mr. Harper’s caravan was passing through the area. When the Prime Minister noticed what was going on, he decided to step out and congratulate the couple on their happy day — resulting in special photos and an experience neither will soon forget.

You can find more photos of the encounter over on Kelly’s blog.

#62 see a celebrity [Laura Kelly via CTV News]

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Image credits: Photographs by Laura Kelly

  • Ian McCausland

    Love how you need to translate this into terms Americans can understand:
    “For American wedding photographers, this would be the equivalent of President Obama showing up and jumping into the shot.”

  • Joshkeal

    “For American wedding photographers, this would be the equivalent of President Obama showing up and jumping into the shot.”

    For American wedding photographers, this would also be the equivalent of an American couple getting married.

  • KB

    I’m sure Mr. Harper is a nice guy and all, but apparently he is considered to be a right-wing empty suit, much like our last American right-wing empty suit, G.W. Bush.

  • monteraz

    Highlights are KO, just like the humour of the guys above :/

  • Kay O. Sweaver

    If this were in America the photographer would have been tackled by the Secret Service.

  • jesseyardley

    He has great lego hair though.

  • pete n pete

    Makes sense… looks like 1/4 of the population of Canada was there. (hee hee)

  • JosephRT

    You just couldn’t resist that tired old cheap shot could you?

  • Matthieu Pinsonneault

    For American wedding photographers, this would be the equivalent of Ex President George W Bush

  • uksnapper

    A fascinating comparison,Kim jong ill would have done the same;-))

  • Daz X

    not even close to George W Bush…Harper is more left wing than Obama..Canadian concervatives are not dictated by a religious right, there is no bible belt in canada

  • C. Black

    Maybe his next gig will be to crash a funeral or two, glad hand a bit and get a photo with the coffin & the family or else take in a birth at the local hospital.

  • dollars for donuts

    actualy you’re wrong there – we do have bible belt in Alberta full of nutbars and Herr Harper happens to be one of them as he’s from that self same bible belt.
    Harper is actually a NeoCon who was groomed by your nutbar Neocons and he has plans to sell out this country all for the oil interests from the bible belt.

  • mt mt

    and one of these dats good ol Harper is going to announce that there will be no more elections in Canada as his dweeb son is going to be heir to Harper’s political throne and then watch the fur fly – it’ll be just like North Korea here!

  • biteme

    This Harper guy has kind of a weird playmobile hairdo – is that the kind of hairdo all Canucks have???

  • 9inchnail

    Photobomb LVL: Prime Minister

  • ilo photo

    could the extra groomsman not just stand at the left instead of directly half-squatted under the groom? Or is he a huge Harper fan and is planning to crop his profile picture from this?

  • john

    Actually – Harper is from Ontario, not Alberta

  • marmic

    born in Ontario but spent most of his adult life in Alberta…and i agree with dollars for donuts, he’s a solid NeoCon but get offended when compared to GWBush because he’s a smarter con man — and more evil and dangerous.

  • Sally

    Weird. I had a dream like this once. Where I was Barack Obama and I was riding around in a car and saw some people taking a wedding picture. I got out of the car to take a picture with them but they said they didn’t want a picture with me.