Ghosts of WWII: Photos of Soldiers Seen in the Streets of Modern Day France

Dutch historian Jo Teeuwisse is back with another fascinating then-and-now project (we featured her work once back in 2010), this time titled Ghosts of War–France. The images show old World War II photographs of soldiers blended seamlessly into photos of the same locations in modern day France.

We’ve shared a number of these “window into the past” projects in recent days, including a very similar one by Sergey Larenkov, but we think Teeuwisse’s images are still worth a look.

Teeuwisse began shooting her then-and-now photos after finding 300 old WWII photographs on negatives at a flea market in her hometown. After having the images digitized, she visited the various locations shown in the photos (figuring that out is a feat in its own right) and re-photographed them from the same location and with the same framing. The two versions are then combined with careful blending in Photoshop.

Higher-resolution versions of these images can be found here. You can find much more of her work over on Flickr, where she has over 200 sets filled with historical photos and scans.

(via My Modern Met via Mail Online)

Thanks for sendin in the tip, Daniel!

  • muddyclouds

    Even though the terrible context I really like them. A perfect way to make history more vivid.

  • Dave Reynolds

    This may well be my favorite photo project of all time. Just an amazing concept and fantastic execution.

  • Dave Everhart

    “worth a look”? Are you kidding me? These are the best ones I’ve seen of this concept, yet.

  • JR

    Beautiful and moving idea, and an excellent way of remembering the past in a dynamic and appealing way.

  • John R

    Many times I’ve wondered “what happened here?” when sitting around in different capitols. Often thought about this sort of thing and I love the execution here. Would be very interested in seeing the ‘blends’ without the transparency. These were real people not ghosts.

  • guest

    one of the best, most seamless executions of this I’ve seen.

  • Charley L

    Very interesting to see. Nice project!
    Only one thing: the last photo is not France, but The Hague, Netherlands.

  • Paul

    Very clever … the past lives with us and photos to prove it.

  • Joey Duncan

    It’s horrible that this happened to begin with. But it really puts it into perspective that it DID happen and happened in people’s backyards. People use to tell me as a kid that going to Europe there are places everywhere you can see evidence of the past, this really shows that off. MORE… MORE… .MORE!!!!!!

  • Michele

    Bless their souls!!

  • Diana Black Kennedy

    truly beautiful and haunting. I would love to see current people integrated into the images.

  • shea_mus


  • lili

    i ve seen Dresden few months ago…same things happened there also…very interesting concept!!!unique!!!

  • jon a

    frighteningly eerie and nostalgic..

  • mindyj

    Incredible…what an unique way to showcase old photos…I love this!

  • Katielee4211

    Wonderfully done! Just amazing!