Photographer Snapped Photos During Dates with Married Men

For her peculiar photo project titled “Married Men,” London-based photographer and lecturer Natasha Caruana spent a year going on dates… with married men. She ended up going on 80 dates with men found through a dating website geared towards people looking to have affairs. At each meeting, Caruana used a disposable camera and a digital recorder hidden inside a small red purse to snap photographs and record the conversation. The images were all captured without the mens’ permissions, but do not reveal identities; the faces are carefully omitted from the frame. Caruana limited herself to a few pictures per encounter to avoid arousing suspicion.

The Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art curator Alistair Robinson writes,

Caruana asks why the ‘dates’ are willing to put their legally binding relationships at risk, as well as what an artist’s ethical responsibilities should be. […] Caruana’s work also asks what the ethics and politics of a ‘documentary’ mode of working are assumed to be […]

The artist asks us to behave like a detective when looking at each photograph, searching for clues about the situations. In one, a man pays for a meal in cash- so that no evidence is left for his wife to discover, an old battered table in a tired pub suggests the ‘date’ has little concept of romance. In a third, which looks like a domestic setting, 1970’s style pineapple rings adorn the artist’s plate of food. The photographs were taken on a cheap disposable camera rather than professional equipment, so all the images are intentionally grainy and loosely composed, but each has been carefully printed by hand

This isn’t the first time Caruana has done a photo series based on the theme of infidelity. Another project of hers, titled “The Other Woman,” features portraits of women who were experiencing the “unease” of having participated in affairs.

You can see the entire collection of photos in “Married Men” over on her website.

The Married Men by Natasha Caruana (via Feature Shoot)

Image credits: Photographs by Natasha Caruana

  • Rubin Starset

    If this was candid, why was a flash used in all of the photos?

  • Michael Zhang

    Sharp eye :) Thanks for pointing this out. Turns out it was the audio recordings that were done secretly. The photos were just done with moderation without the dates knowing they would be published and widely exhibited. We’ve edited the text.

  • John

    Excellent question! I never noticed that! How about it, PetaPixel?

  • junyo

    Sure it seems frivolous, but at last we have The Answer to the age old question of why men cheat, having been let down in that search by biology, anthropology, and common effing sense.

  • Joseph Campanella

    What’s the point? Pictures are meaningless and ugly.

  • Anthony

    So thats why she krpt taking pictures of my hands witth big ass camera and flash…

  • Nathan Blaney

    This is not good photography – in concept or execution. Also, I kind of hope someone does something this obnoxious and deceptive to her someday.

  • manwithacamera

    If a male photographer did this with married women, this society would reacted differently.

  • Arnold Newman

    The topic of cheating men might be interesting to some but these photos are not. They detract from the story itself.

  • Willy

    “The photographs were taken on a cheap disposable camera rather than professional equipment”

    What’s the bottom line? “I had sex with 80 men so I could take some crappy pictures”.
    In one, a man pays for a meal in cash- so that no evidence is left for his wife to discover,
    Excuse me date chappie, are you paying with cash so your wife does not find out? Why yes tartily-dressed woman with camera, that is correct! How smart of you!
    Lets just make up all this stuff eh and call it art.
    Giving the picture’s file names the names of the pubs is not too bright.
    Cheap and disposable just about sums this up.

  • guest

    namely, calling out the s***s and w****s. the ‘other woman’ the man cheats with is a s***tty lowlife trash, but the guy–ehh, like jackie chan said: they “only committed a fault that every single man in the world commits”

  • guest

    sometimes an overlooked photo just needs the right caption or title to add depth and richness..

    but these? that could be Taggart Romney in the first, and it would still be a terrible image lol.

  • guest

    I hope you weren’t expecting a different response, because that’s really the only outcry that would result from that situation.

    the guy–everyone would comment about how lucky he was that he scored with so many ladies. but the ladies, them women are filthy w***es.

  • guest

    so she’s automatically a tartily-dressed slut who had sex with 80 men. :) perhaps public response was also part of her bizarre little social experiment,.

  • gmjhowe

    Is it just me, but would a wife not be able to tell that is there husband by the moles on his cheek? Looks like it would be fairly easy to recognise him.

  • Willard

    Great point!!!!

  • ga1n

    Yes great point.

    It’s not important whether this was staged or candid. It’s always about the photos for me.

    These photos don’t evoke anything for me. We’re only talking about this because of the her publicized backstory and the so-called “investigative dating” involved in the artist’s project.

    I hate knocking down people doing their art, but to me it’s just another tiring example of people having to be provocative in today’s art scene (ala Terry Richardson).

  • Neoracer Xox


  • Neoracer Xox

    Plenty of cheating women too!!!! What a load of bullucks

  • Martin Kunert

    You can subtitled the series… ANOTHER WOMAN WHO USES MEN

  • bob cooley

    -500 for impersonating Arnold Newman, and setting up a fake Facebook page under his name.

  • MNPhotog

    I agree the photos are horribly framed and the concept is boringly pedestrian. But, as far as pop-art sensation, it is about the same as slicing a calf and displaying it. she’ll get her 15 minutes and maybe parlay a grant out of it, when self respecting better artists will still avoid such a bland topic due to self respect.