A Clever Polaroid Camera Promo Mailer Made with Card Stock

We’ve shared examples of creative promotional mailers in the past, but we usually don’t receive them. A few days ago, however, we received a small box from the folks over at Photojojo. Inside was a clever papercraft Polaroid camera that serves as both a press kit and a desk decoration.

The drawer “photo slot” can be pulled out, revealing a stack of “Polaroid pictures”:

This is a nice example of how novel form can add value to something. You can spend a lot more money on some fancy mailer idea that’s less attention-grabbing than this simple camera made entirely out of card stock.

In case you’d like to use this idea to promote your own photography business, we did a teardown of the “camera”. Here are all the individual components laid out:

Pretty simple, eh? It’s definitely something you can do yourself at home if you have a free weekend and would like to flex your arts-and-crafts muscles. Use the Polaroid pictures to show off your own work, and print your contact information on the back of each one.

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