Turn Used Film Canisters Into Magnets for Your Fridge

If you still process your own film in a darkroom, you probably regularly toss empty film canisters into the trash can once you’ve popped off the cap and retrieved the film inside. The next time you’re in there, try saving those canisters: you can upcycle them into neat magnets for displaying photos on your fridge — perhaps even prints of latent photos that were once in those canisters!

All you need to do is glue some strong magnets to the insides of the empty canisters. Neodymium magnets work nicely for this, and can be purchased for about a dollar a pop.

If you’re short on time but rich in money, our buddies over at Photojojo are selling “pre-made” film canister magnets over in their store. For $15 you’ll get a pack of 3 made with a random selection of recycled canisters harvested from photo labs around the United States.

Regardless of whether you make them or buy them, magnetic canisters are a fun idea for replacing your boring ol’ fridge magnets with ones that are more in tune with your inner photography geek.

Recycled Film Roll Magnets [Photojojo]

  • jullan

    Simple things like this, simple creative gestures to recycle
    will truly help a lot in saving Mother Earth. And the outcome is indeed
    creative. I applaud you for coming up with this idea. Instead of throwing these
    empty canisters and add up to the non degradable items, it’s better to use them
    as art materials and change the usual boring fridge or the plain magnetic post boards.