Photographer Visits Every Dot on the Map of North Dakota and Snaps 9,000+ Photos

A decade ago, photographer Andrew Filer obtained the most detailed map of North Dakota he could find, and began a project of documenting the towns on it. Not just some of the towns, but every single named dot on the map. After years of dedicated work, Filer succeeded in photographing the entire state. He ended up visiting over 850 different locations and snapping 9,308 photographs.

Filer says that roughly 50% of the images were shot during 4 multi-week road trips he took through the state back in 2008 and 2009. He would embark on a tour and photograph for as long as the weather would permit.

Every dot on the map interests me, especially the little tiny ones. Some “towns” are no more than an intersection, possibly with a store or a town hall. A few towns seem to be gone without a trace, though sometimes the tiniest evidence remains […] Note that these pictures aren’t meant to represent symbols of the town. So if your town has a big beautiful cathedral and the world’s largest woolen Guinea Hen, and I’ve only taken pictures of some bar and a closed factory, I’m sorry. But that’s what I like. I’d also like to apologize for photos through bug-splattered windshields. These photos are mostly raw and unedited, so what I shot is what you see. [#]

You can view all of the photographs in the project over in this Flickr collection. There’s an alphabetical list of the locations here. Filer is also planning to publish the work as a photo book titled Every Dot on the North Dakota Map.

Filer might be done photographing the state of North Dakota, but he’s far from done with his “Every Dot” concept. He is now moving into new states — including South Dakota, Washington, and Minnesota — and visiting countless more dots on more maps.

Everydot [Andrew Filer via Metafilter]

Image credit: Map illustration created using Google Maps and 1895 Railroad Map of North Dakota by BrianSwan

  • brandon

    the things people with no kids do.

  • Dave Knapik

    You know what people with no kids also have? Time and money.

  • Brett Sanders

    Those photos are beautiful. I’d love to take time off and do a trip like that to other states in the region.

  • Amir Asyraf

    And it’s awesome!

  • brandon

    they sure do. someone thinks these are awesome? really. hmmm. yeah, with all the great books out there filled with fantastic images, why would anyone choose to buy and look through this one. the most exciting thing you have to look forward to is to see if perhaps on the next page lay a shot made out of a bug covered windshield.

  • scrible77

    I love ‘em.
    What I don’t love is when people feel the need to leave crappy comments. For instance, how do we know this guy doesn’t have children? Did someone do the extra work to find out he didn’t to make themselves feel better? And, I’m pretty sure having children is a choice, AND there are people with children going off on journeys like this fellow is…

    And who is to say these photos aren’t gorgeous? Just because they aren’t of NYC or the coasts or something? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, kids.

  • Kerwin McKenzie

    Impressive! I can’t even begin to say how cool of an idea is this project. Well done Andrew.

  • Ron

    My province is sadly too large to start something like this :-)