Upcoming Sony Full-Frame Camera May Boast a 50-Megapixel Sensor

It has only been a month since Sony announced its latest flagship full-frame camera, the A99, but rumors are already beginning to emerge regarding the company’s next top-of-the-line offering. sonyalpharumors writes that Sony has reportedly marked sometime between May and June 2013 as a tentative release date for its next high-end full-frame:

The camera will be more “photographer” oriented. There are currently a couple of different prototypes. One we heard of has a 36 Megapixel sensor (same as Nikon D800) and built-in vertical grip. Priced well above the current Sony A99. A second prototype has a new 50 Megapixel sensor which goal is to go as close as possible to a “medium format” quality.

The new camera wouldn’t be intended to replace the A99, but would instead become the flag-bearer by creating an entirely new tier in the Sony lineup. If the latest rumors pan out, then 50 megapixels may soon become the new standard resolution for flagship DSLRs; Canon is reportedly working on its own high-res (46MP) camera.

Update: Reader Scott Hutchison reminds us that back in May, there was a rumor that working on a “A1S” camera with a full-frame 36x36mm square sensor. Hmm…

  • Zach Ishmael

    dumb dumb dumb.

  • Nicholas Erwin

    Cool, but way too many megapixels for a camera, unless you are doing bill board size prints or cropping a lot. Plus you would need terabytes of storage just to store those huge raw files. I mean, hey why not I guess. I just hope the high megapixels DSLRs don’t become the norm. But I’m curious to see how this plays out, how will the low light performance be? It could end up being a great camera or it could fail. We will have to wait and see what happens.

  • Michal Rosa

    Just because you don’t need 50 megapixels doesn’t make it dumb.

  • Antonio Carrasco

    “The camera will be more “photographer” oriented”

    What a great concept! Way to go Sony!!!

  • Michael Zhang

    I’m assuming this line means it won’t be as geared toward serious filmmaking as some of the more recent high end DSLRs :)

  • Denver Engagement Photographer

    The megapixel war is alive and well! :)

  • Nathan Blaney

    Well, you definitely don’t need such high megapixel images for billboards – consider the viewing distance… Also, terabytes of storage are SO, SO cheap these days – that’s hardly a valid argument against large file sizes.

  • Nicholas Erwin

    Well If you could afford such a camera, then I think you could afford terabytes of storage. Me, on the other hand, can’t afford that kind of camera or storage with my current income. I understand the billboard, but what would you possibly do with a 50mp DSLR?

  • brandon

    it’s not so much the storage, but fitting those files on a memory card will be a problem. the real thing is that you’ll need a super computer to work with them. just look at the mess the guys shooting the d800 are having with 36mp RAW files.

  • Nathan Blaney

    Just using LaCie as an example, because its what I buy – you’ve got multiple options for 2 or 3 TB drives at less than $200.

    What to do with 50mp? Many, many things. Maybe YOU don’t need large files for the work you do, but for plenty of people 50mp would be quite useful.

  • Scott Hutchison

    Maybe there is a deal with Hasselblad (ie: luna/nex7 re-skin or whatever it’s called). I can see them making a high MP studio pro camera… then ‘blad picking it up and doing there thing with it.

  • Tim

    50mp is a powerful thing, especially when it comes to cropping. It wouldn’t be for me though, not with my current computer. It would take me a week to process one photo.

  • Mansgame

    Make it stop! Just give me a nice 16 MP camera that gives me clean ISO 12800 pictures and a lot of dynamic range.

  • sayithere

    get Pentax K5 II or K5 IIs. 16MP, wide dynamic range, excellent low light performance upt to ISO 10.000

  • Shadow Girl

    Why, oh why do some still try to shoot down high megapixel cameras?! They keep claiming MPs don’t matter. Well.. yes they do. The more megapixels, the more detail, the more potential you have to crop. It’s a fact. Let’s get over the: “Duh, I don’t care about megapixels”. If you care about picture quality, then you should care about megapixels. If you don’t care, then stop trying to bash high megapixel cameras and be happy with the low quality 3mp camera you have then fine, that is you. The real professionals need detail.
    Have a look at the 1 Gigapixel photos and zoom in, and see for yourself.
    Now as for Sony working on a 50MP sensor, that is incredible. To think of doubling, my cameras’ megapixel amounts! Wow! Can’t wait to see this!

  • Robert S Cook

    SWEEEEEET !!! YES !!! You guys crying about storage and file size ,,, That is like crying about your race car going to fast !!!

  • RCB

    Megapixels are good, but only on increasingly larger sensors. For instance, 20+ megapixels crammed on a cropped non-full frame sensor would make for poorer image quality than 16 megapixels and less on the same sensor.

  • Lazarus Pachigalla

    I need that camera! It would be great for this fish eye image I wanted to do of a girl who lives in a house about 80 feet away who is looking out her window at her neigbour who is looking back at her cuz she has a fly on her nose…

    Just saying lol :) but i think more pixels is fun to have just to see stuff you never saw before lol :)