Never-Before-Seen Photos of the Rolling Stones Found at a Flea Market

Musician Lauren White recently came across a “gold mine” at a flea market in Saugus, California; she discovered 23 candid never-before-seen photographs of the Rolling Stones captured in 1965 while the band was enjoying a road trip.

In an interview with Cool Hunting, White states,

I feel lucky. I really didn’t expect to find them at a flea market. Basically, a guy who runs one of the stands called me over because I “looked like I would like rock ‘n’ roll”– and he was right. I don’t know what was lost in translation, however. He obviously didn’t know what he had. To tell the truth, I didn’t either. I obviously knew it was the Stones, but it took about a week of looking them over to realize that this was really a very unique circumstance. After extensive research, I came to find that these are unpublished, never-before-seen photos of one of the most legendary bands in rock ‘n’ roll history. Not only that, they are beautifully composed, candid, raw and perfect in every way. They really convey a band innocent to their destiny.

The Rolling Stones formed in 1962, so these images were snapped just three years into the band’s history.

The 23 photographs will be on display through the end of this month at the Dilettante gallery in Los Angeles, in an exhibition titled “Found: Photographs of the Rolling Stones.” You can see the entire collection and buy prints of the photos over on the Found: Rolling Stones website.

Found: Rolling Stones (via Cool Hunting via The Imaging Resource)

P.S. A couple of years ago, there was a similar story involving a set of Beatles photographs.

  • Mansgame

    So who is the photographer? Does she get the copyright just because she found some prints while the band is still alive? This would be like if I took some pictures and posted it on my flickr account only for it to be “discovered” 20 years from now and someone decides to make money off them.

  • Jay Mandeville

    Hopefully the photographer will step forward!

  • Sean Murphy

    no, it would be absolutely nothing like you took some pictures and posted it on your flickr account only for it to be “discovered” 20 years from now and someone decides to make money off them.
    they are prints, they are unpublished, they are not copyrighted, and you sir, are a fool.
    I hope she banks!

  • rtfe

    yea, nostalgia!

  • Andrew

    No, this is exactly the wrong attitude to have and why unauthorised use is such a problem. How do you know they’re not copyright registered/protected? Just because a print isn’t marked with a copyright notice, doesn’t mean it isn’t protected. Assuming that because you can’t see any mention, the images is free to use is a sign of *your* foolishness.

  • Jill Brewer

    As soon as you take the picture you own the copyright, fool.

  • John Kantor

    And when the real copyright owner shows up and sues?

  • ceebee

    Another (unverified) flea market fable.

  • Doug Winfield

    Under the copyright law at the time, these are in the public domain.

    “Before 1978 all published works in the US had to contain a copyright notice, typically the © symbol followed by the publication date and copyright owner’s name, to be protected by copyright. Until 1989 all such published works in the USA required either a copyright notice or a registration filing within five years of publication. “

  • Leland LaPine

    This will be situation where one must consult a Proper Lawyer. Anyway a GREAT discovery! Congrats

  • Nathan Blaney

    Ah…. if only I’d thought to pack a camera twentysome years ago when Green Day borrowed my bass gear to play a house party after a “real” show on their tour. Would’ve been some fun photos from another hugely popular band. Oh well… I still have the bass rig.

  • Nathan Blaney

    I wonder if maybe these come to the attention of the band then maybe they would know who the photographer is. Its clearly someone who had close personal access to them at that time – although that was 50 years ago so maybe they won’t remember…

  • 10over9

    These photos would look great if they were Instagram’ed.

  • Phillip Bourgeois

    Kind of ironic that these show Brian at poolside….

  • Teri2

    Calling someone a fool because they don’t know the ins and outs of copyright laws? Uncool!