Photos of Kids Using Pricey DSLR Gear Going Viral in China

If you suffer from gear envy, you might want to skip over this post. Apparently children from wealthy Chinese families these days are traveling with fancy DSLR cameras while on vacation. A person named Liu Li Yang recently published a series of photos over on Chinese social networking service Renren that show a group of tourist children clutching expensive Canon and Nikon DSLRs and lenses.

The sight of young kids strolling around with thousands of dollars worth of camera gear has caused a flurry of discussion on Chinese message boards, causing the photos to go viral. Tens of thousands of people had already shared and viewed the images less than a day after they were posted online.

People are pointing to the images as an example of China’s growing economic clout and of the rapidly growing gap between the rich and the poor.

You can find the entire series of higher-res images over on Renren.

(via Renren via

Image credits: Photographs by Liu Li Yang/Renren

  • Vlad Dusil

    No pro-series Nicanons represented?

    Bloody amateur kids. /s

  • kitbum

    *stares open-mouthed at the entire post*

  • Sam Bendall

    They cannot be that wealthy. They aren’t walking around with Leica’s, Hassy’s or mamiya’s. Note the sarcasm.

  • Matthew Neumann

    Seems like 50% of the pictures are all of one kid. Who cares.

  • Gon

    as a pro photog, luckyly money can’t buy talent. also, it pisses me off that i had to work so hard to have half that gear.

  • Cuong Nguyen

    So what happens with the recent backlash against Japanese products where a driver of a Japanese brand car was beaten senselessly?

  • Anadil Chowdhury

    So funny that in most of the pictures they re holding canon and 70-200 mm lens

  • jesseyardley

    G.A.S in the making.

  • Samcornwell

    You just wait for one of those nippers to break free from the crowd and discover film.

  • Allan McNugget

    If they were shooting truly great images, I’d be jealous. But it just makes it all the sweeter to outshoot them (or anyone) using gear that’s half the price.

  • ennuipoet

    Hey at least they know how to use the lens hood properly, I see a lot of Americans tooling around with their expensive gear with the lens hood on backward trying to figure out why it is so hard to zoom.

  • Felipe Yang

    For reference, the average salary is around 3000RMB per month. The kid’s combo of a 7D + 70-200mm goes for about 24000RMB. The outrage is because a kid is basically carrying 8 months of pay in his hands.

  • Sporkguy

    I bet they’re using Auto ;)

  • Robert

    At least they are holding the cameras with the correct grip

  • harumph

    That’s because you’re looking at pictures of the same two kids over and over again.

  • dz

    Maybe it’s a digital photo class?

  • V. Coelho

    I’m just mad because i spent 350$ to buy a Canon 350D. Yea, how can i not love Brazil?

  • Leif

    The only thing about this story which made me smile is to see how many of them use a head as beanbag :D

  • Matt

    I’m 17 and shoot with full frame cameras and lenses, but I’ve also worked for the equipment I own by shooting bar/bat mitzvahs, corporate events, political campaigns, etc.. It makes me sick that these kids don’t understand the value of what they’re holding.

  • Gaaryson

    Are these kids in a class together or traveling together? It seems unusual to have that many kids hanging out with one another, and they all have gear of that level… unless, in fact, there is a pocket of wealthy families who just bought their kids (who all live close together, or traveled someplace together) to go snap photos with?

  • andy

    What, wealthy kids dont exist in the US? Take a look at world wealth distribution and your jaw will really hit the floor.

  • Antonio Carrasco

    Proving my superiority over children always makes me feel great!

  • DeeWee

    Did you see their pictures? Feeling so superior over some kids without even realizing they may be 10x greater than you…

  • DeeWee

    So how do you figure they don’t realize the value of their gear? Just because the internet said so? Ever think that they might’ve worked hard to get their gear too?

  • lim

    hmm, those werent Canon but rather “kanon” dslrs made in China. It might not be that expensive after all. :)

  • DeeWee

    Exactly, no 1D/Dx pro bodies, wtf. Clearly amateurs. Fear not guys, they have lots of work to do to reach the pro level!

  • rtfe

    psshht, i spent $250 on a 5D III, how can i not love El Salvador?

  • Richard Ford

    Why would it piss you off? Seriously.

  • DeeWee

    I know you’re jesting, but anyway don’t put real money on that bet. In the couple photos which show the dial position (need to click on the original link, look at the girl with the Sigma lens for example), you can see they are in the “creative” position, either Av or Tv.

  • Stevo

    Their parents have medium format and leica gears :)

  • Ralph Demilio

    kid in the blue sweater has my camera lol ……it seems he knows how to hold it also … good for him .. I wish every kid had one of these ..

  • Greg McKay

    The amount of jealousy and outright hatred over what these kids have just amazes me. It’s kind of sad to even be reading the story which really is a non-story in the first place. Rather then hate on these kids, get the F out and go shoot pics.

  • ph33lix

    Elbows in the air! Wave’em like you just don’t care!

  • Gavin Goh

    I like the last picture, using the V.A.T (Voice Activated Tripod) technique.

  • Matt

    Look at the first photo! You think they would bump cameras around like that if they realized the value of their gear? The only thing that realizes the value is their parents’ checkbook, which is probably too fat to care.

  • Knur

    I spent $200 on a stolen Nikon D4. How can i not love Mexico.

  • Knur

    Chinks getting rich.

  • Guest

    I for one am

  • Marvin Josef

    Shhhssh don’t listen to them my little Nikon D3100 I still love you.

  • Checkmate

    I was just thinking the same thing…nice one

  • Young Lee

    look how they wrap the camera straps around their wrist… how pro is that!

  • Mark Ryan Eugenio

    They are kids… so yeah… what do we expect? at least they know how to hold the DSLR properly.

  • Nikonian

    From above photo … They can be interpreted that ….. Canon is for children : P

  • Elvin Wong

    Look closely. Some of them are shooting on scene auto modes

  • Effyou

    dude, seriously?

  • Anton Dans

    And my folks wouldn’t buy me a beater car when I was 18. You can buy a good Honda or Toyota with gear like that.

  • Kenward Ng

    Eventually a handful of these kids will stick with photography, and with their jumpstart, China might be budding with some awesome photo talent

  • ceebee

    Ah, Kai Man Wong (Digitalrev TV) has children?

  • i like film

    here’s my 2 cents on the matter: chances are we see the build up of a critical mass in this category, as well. OK, lots of these kids don’t know what they’re doing half the time, but if one in a hundred manages to further develop skills and practice, there will be lots of pro photographers in the mid-future.

  • cheap shots for real

    looks like china is begging for another communist revolution.. :D poor, go get the cameras NOW!