Stow-Away: A Universal Lens Cap Holder for Your Camera’s Belly

Photographer Preston Turk has an idea for how to best store lens caps when they’re not attached to lenses. Called the Stow-Away, it a universal lens cap holder that can hold most of the standard lens diameters (AKA filter sizes): 52mm, 55mm, 58mm, 62mm, 67mm, and 72mm. Turk designed the accessory to attach to the underside of cameras via the standard tripod mount. Giving your lens cap a quick shove underneath your camera will click it securely into place.

While the fact that a single holder can support so many different lens caps is pretty neat, having the holder take up the tripod mount seems like it could be an inconvenience — you would no longer be able to use a tripod, and the camera won’t sit as nicely when you set it down.

The same design seems like it could work nicely as a camera strap attachment, but that doesn’t seem to currently be in the plans for the Stow-Away.

Turk is currently raising funds for the Stow-Away through Kickstarter. Supporting the project with $14 will pre-order one cap holder.

Stow-Away [Kickstarter via CNET]

  • russianbox

    am i the only person who puts his lens cap in his pocket? people seem to have a massive problem with keeping hold of them

  • Joakim

    This look like a bad idea. How would one hold the camera for portrait shoot?
    Should be even weirder if you have battery grip.

    Or if you later on need to use a tripod, then you can’t put that thing in your pocket (were it should be in the first place without holder. :))

  • Ricky

    I’m constantly amazed as to why people have such a hard time hanging on to their caps.

  • Jason

    32 years later and I have yet to ever lose a lens cap. Then again, I have never managed to get my elbow stuck in my ear either.

  • Chris Popely

    That is a terrible product, I can’t see a practical use for it at all.

    I’ve misplaced lens caps, changing jeans and forgetting to take caps out, but I’ve never lost one.

  • fahrertuer

    I’ve lost one lens cap. It slipped from my fingers when putting it back on to the lens and fell from the bridge I was standing on into the Weser below.

  • Knur

    First World Problems

  • lennartbnl

    Very useful for when you’re not wearing any pants I guess…

  • Patrick Ahles

    Exactly my thoughts

  • Suzan Mandla

    A solution without a problem.

  • junyo

    Yeah, the bottom of my cameras are already occupied by QR plates. Make this so it will fit camera strap webbing.

    Edit: Guess I should have read the entire post first.

  • Dikaiosune01

    In addition to all the problems mentioned above, it looks like the cap will only fit one way in. My pocket doesn’t care which way the cap goes into my pocket. The same with my lens. It doesn’t care how the cap is rotated onto the lens.

  • Robert Mark

    Designed by non-photographers, for non-photographers!

    For only $14 you can: 1) Add inconvenience to the process of using your camera, 2) Make your camera unstable when you put it on a table, 3) Render your tripod mount useless, 4) Look like a tool.

    Or for the same $14 you can buy several lifetimes of replacement lens caps.

  • Renato Valenzuela

    a solution for a problem that many hobbyist-nudist photographers commonly have

  • Fred Nerks

    It will take longer to screw that device into the bottom of the camera than to put the lens cap in your pocket. I’m hoping my newly invented mini-umbrella that screws into the tripod socket will do better, though.

  • ennuipoet

    Finally someone has developed the solution to the problems of the nudist photographer! I know when I am sloping around the nudist colony with DSLR the problem of where to put my lens caps has tormented me. I tried wedging it between my cheeks, but often I would forget to clench properly and lose another lens cap. Now I can slap it on the bottom of the camera and snap away in the buff without worry!

  • tehsuck

    Hey guys… what are lens caps?

  • David Portass

    so this has no useful basis for any serious amateur, semi-pro or pro tog, but putting the issue of inconvenience of loosing the tripod mount, awkwardness of handling a camera with it on, making setting the camera down very difficult and not required by those that don’t use lens caps or like myself use trouser pockets… it can’t even hold a 77mm lens cap which rules out anyone with a pro 2.8 zoom lens (mostly canon and nikon). Yet another impractical kickstarter like the twist lens belt on here a couple of months ago

  • Phillip Bourgeois

    Agreed. What’s wrong with just dropping them into your pockets? Haven’t lost one yet!