Creative Landscape Photos Shot Using a Mirror and Off-Camera Lighting

Last week we shared a project by photographer Daniel Kukla, who photographed mirrors on easels in the desert in a way that makes them look like landscape paintings. Photographer Brendan Wixted did a similar project earlier this year for a photography class at his university, except he used off-camera lighting to illuminate the reflected landscapes.

He tells us,

The idea behind the project was to add another mirror with the viewfinder mirror to build a composition of the photo. I set up a 12×12 mirror for every shot and used off camera flashes to light the landscapes. These were all shot in Connecticut.

The mirrors give the photographs a surreal look, as if they’re magical windows into other locations.

Image credits: Photographs by Brendan Wixted and used with permission

  • Samcornwell

    Wow! This is brilliant and simple. It’s an extraordinary way to create a natural frame within the photo and makes for some surreal lighting. I like this a lot!

  • Terry Tetreault


  • Dwtex

    Very creative!

  • Stephen

    Check out Joe McNallys cover image on the book “The Moment it Clicks” for a portrait version.

  • Charyl Idia

    Yeah, I don’t really think that really blows me away

  • Dan Bellenger

    saw a dessert version of this a few days ago, and must say the dessert was much more interesting and more planned than these