Baseball Fan Catches Home Run Balls with a Camera in the Other Hand

Die-hard Dodgers fan Bobby Crosby is the only person to ever film himself catching a home run at a Major League Baseball game. That’s not all though: over the past few years, he has also filmed himself catching tens of home runs during the batting practice prior to games, holding his baseball glove in one hand and his camera in the other. The video above, which is currently going viral online, shows Crosby’s amazing first person view of all but a few of those catches.

In each of the clips, Crosby starts with a zoomed-in view of the batter at the plate. After the batter whacks the ball, he zooms all the way out as it approaches, and ends up capturing his catches in a wide-angle view as the the ball lands in his glove.

The fact that he has caught so many balls simultaneously in his glove and on camera is a combination of luck and preparation (that’s the same with all kinds of photography and videography, right?). He has season tickets for what he calls “the best seats in the stadium,” and attends about 75 home games every season.

He estimates that over his lifetime, he has caught over 1,000 baseballs during batting practice. On average, he catches one batting practice ball per game, and one in-game home run every 150 games.

Knowing where the batters will likely hit to and positioning himself in that area also contributes to his success.

When asked in an ESPN interview about how he manages to capture everything on camera as its happening, he replied,

It takes a lot of practice. You really have to focus on the ball. You can’t actually look through the camera, and you just have to have muscle memory making sure you’ve got your hand in the right place.

There’s a heartwarming aspect to the story as well: most of balls Crosby catches are given away to kids nearby.

(via Reddit)

P.S. In case you’re wondering, Crosby repeatedly shouts “DodgerFilms”, the name of his YouTube channel, not “Dr. Phil”.

  • Think360studio

    Great job done by the baseball fan.

  • sdad

    Being English, I stuck it out to the one-minute mark! In all that time, I never saw him start with an empty glove and then catch a ball. I only ever saw him turn a full glove over. The video resolution does not allow us to see the ball approach, let alone be caught, unfortunately.

  • delayedflight

    If you closely it’s possible to see the ball as a small shadow approaching before he catches it.

  • upsala

    what a totally boring and useless video.
    i think only americans can enjoy this…..

  • ulfson

    well english means your not the brightest bulb around?
    first you can change the quaility of the video and second he clearly catches the balls.. so what.. it´s still an boring video.

  • Jutta

    completely useless video.. i guess only americans will find this waste of time interesting.
    and of course free speach doesn´t mean anything to the americans anymore.
    the are the most censored and censoring people in the world.. behind the chineses and north koreans…..
    that´s why many commenst are deleted here….

  • mark

    The videos is not nearly as useless as your comment….

  • saddique

    I thought being English meant being used to loudmouthed Americans trying their hollow old ‘leaders of the free world’ stuff.

  • Rerun

    It would be funnier if he was saying Dr. Phil. “YEAH! Dr. Phil!!” & then the guy points to him. :)

  • sdad

    Thanks for the tip about changing quality (if you switch to Youtube!) but there is no need to be rude, especially when you have such poor grammar and spelling. He still needs to show the empty glove just before catching because we cannot really follow the ball just before impact. Note that a cricket fan would catch the ball with his bare hands :-)

  • Bek

    The Dr Phil thing is really dumb & yes, quite a boring & useless video. Regardless of the fact that he was giving the balls away he actually sounded minded like he was being selfish the way he was telling ppl he ‘got it’ seeing as the viewer can’t actually see & can only hear everything. Just how I perceived it anyways

  • Mspphotographer

    What a typically ignorant statement from the non-American person who said, i think only americans can enjoy this…..[sic]”

    As an American photographer, I can say that this video was boring and completely useless. The exact words that came to my mind were, “Who cares?”

  • Alvin W. Gee

    Very entertaining and focused.

  • guest

    do you spend all your time trolling on ‘american’ sites, writing nonsensical word-vomit in barely legible english?

  • sdad

    Why does he have the right to give the balls away? Don’t they belong to the baseball team?

  • Junks05

    Note: cricket players use huge paddles to hit the ball too.. apples to oranges bro XD

  • Derp

    I thought this was a video of him catching a home run at a MLB game, not during BP.