A Simple Explanation of the Metering and AE-Lock Features in Your DSLR

Want a better understanding of how the metering and AE-lock features in your DSLR camera work? YouTube photography tutorial channel PhotoUniverse made this simple explanation that explains the concepts using a whiteboard. He quickly steps through evaluative (which uses a database of many “known” photos) and center-weighted metering before spending a good amount of time explaining spot metering and how you can use it in conjunction with AE-Lock to properly expose photographs.

If you’re already adept at handling your DSLR, you probably won’t learn anything new, but this video is great for anyone that’s just starting to dip their toes into more serious photography.

(via PhotoUniverse via Reddit)

P.S. He also shares a common trick used by many photographers for metering on a sunny day: green grass can often work nicely as an 18% gray card.

  • Tomek

    Why is he so out of breath?
    He doesn’t even convince himself that he knows what he’s saying..

  • Steve

    AE lock function is required not working in Manual but it can be achieved the same by dialing shutter speed

  • Gavin

    Why is it that people on the Internet like to criticise so much! I thought this was a well explained tutorial. Thanks for the effort, much appreciated.

  • Dave

    Sorry, I have to disagree with you. This is a poor tutorial and because this person thought it was done well enough to teach whoever else may be on the internet (read:lots of people) then he deserves criticism for such a bad job. At times I thought he was trying to pull our legs into believing he was serious. He should have rehearsed his ‘lesson’ so he wasn’t stammering through it. He could have written notes to follow so it didn’t sound like he was making it up as he went along. He made mistakes, and then corrected them. A good tutorial creator would have trashed that clip and reshot it without the mistake, now he has forever advertised his blunders. Nervously repeating “OK” and “Arright” was pretty amateurish too. There is a saying: “Those that can’t-teach”. This screams of it.

  • Jim

    Agree with this assessment.

  • Ruinedthattutdidntyou

    Not cool.
    Teach me photography.
    Keep your beliefs to yourself.