Mesmerizing Time-Lapse Shows What It’s Like to be an Airplane Pilot

You’ve probably seen time-lapse videos shot looking out the side of an airplane through a passenger window, but have you ever seen one from the pilot’s point of view? If not, check out the beautiful video above. It was created by pilot Jakub Vlk, who brought his Canon 600D to work and captured photographs across seven days. The video shows Vlk taxiing to the runway, taking off, floating up into the clouds, flying around, and landing.

The time-lapse plays back the images at 8x the speed of realtime. The nasty stuff you see on the windshield immediately after takeoff is the result of insect strikes, not unlike what you might experience while driving around on the freeway.

Much of the flight has “image stabilization” built right in thanks to the aircraft’s autopilot system that usually kicks in 20 seconds after takeoff.

The best part of the video, in our opinion, is rising up into the clouds and flying through them head-on. Even if you’re a diamond status frequent flier, seeing a straight-on view of the plane passing through clouds is completely different than what you see when staring out the small passenger windows. It feels much more like flying.

(via Reddit)

  •!/thelonelylights Adam Cross

    so that means we aaare allowed to use our cameras during take-off and landing ;) damn those flight attendants and their “rules”

  • Michal Rosa

    So much for “please switch off all of your electronic devices during take of and landing”.. this rule is just about crowd control really, if one could bring down a plane with a consumer grade electronic device passenger jets would fall out of the sky on daily basis.

  • TedCrunch

    Without the windshield, the pilot would get quite a lot of fresh air.

  • Peter Bout

    Nobody ever told me I’m not allowed to take pictures during take-off and landing, just to switch of cell phone/laptop/e-reader. Even my watch would be an electronic device because it’s battery operated.

  • bob cooley

    Fun capture. The landings in time-lapse are a little dizzying :)

  • Samuel

    My laptop fan sped up just as he was taking of from nantes… that was awesome. Also the turning off of electronic devices is just so people pay attention to the safety briefings and not their playlists.

  • Jeremy Madore

    Yumm… nothing like bug splatter in Prague @ 1:07…

    Neat TL, and it doesn’t have a lot of “dead” frames where nothing is happening, which I appreciate!!

  • Alex Razon

    How I wish taxiing and waiting for takeoffs on runways were that quick!

  • itinko

    A clean window is worth a thousand pictures…

  • Johnjoe Nugent

    If only flight simulator was that detailed… super fluffy clouds!

  • Philippe Dame

    I think all planes should have an HD camera out front. You could “tune” to that station with your seatback TV set and it could be recorded in the plane’s blackbox. I’d love to watch the take off or landing in real-time.

  • Photography Wisdom

    cool little video. I ned to do some of this time lapse stuff.

  • Dave Kai Piper

    yeah.. Fly with KLM and you can watch it

  • jr

    Why is this called “timelapse”? ThereĀ“s only a speed change…

  • rpaart

    Awesome TL! As a harbourpilot for ships I make ‘m too. Nice to see it from the perspective of a professional in what I am training (PPL)..