Canon 6D Pre-Order Page Makes Brief Appearance, Confirms Price and Specs

Canon will reportedly launch its new entry-level full frame DSLR, the Canon 6D, along with a bevy of other digital cameras tomorrow at Photokina 2012. We saw a semi-complete spec list and a couple photos leak out earlier this week, but people have expressed doubt as to the leak’s reliability and authenticity. If you had any doubts that the camera is in fact coming, check out the above screenshot. It’s a pre-order page that appeared briefly today on Adorama.

Although it was quickly taken down, we see two pretty big facts in that single product listing: a confirmation of the camera’s $2099 price tag and 20.2 megapixel full frame sensor. It’s possible that Adorama accidentally published a dummy page ahead of the announcement, but we’re guessing this was an actual leak rather than a silly mistake.

If the camera does show up tomorrow with the previously rumored specs, then Canon is going in a pretty interesting direction with this camera. It won’t be the cheapest full frame Canon on the market, since the 5D Mark II is still being produced and sold with a price tag of under $2,000, so it’ll have to offer something that hasn’t been revealed yet if it really wants to compete as an affordable full frame camera.

Granted, the camera would be Canon’s cheapest full frame DSLR if you only look at the latest camera models. The 5D Mark II was officially succeeded by the $3,500 5D Mark III… it just hasn’t been discontinued yet.

(via Canon Rumors)

Update: CanonWatch just published this photo that appears to show the camera’s logo plate:


    same price as the D600…. comr on im a canon user but with only 11 AF points….?
    canon you suck lately… get some traction and offer something exciting!!

  • Votzi

    i want 28MP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sporkguy

    Looks like I sold my 7D just in the nick of time

  • patrickem

    Pictures don’t match up.

  • Tay Zar

    Something must be photoshopped fake… Name plate shapes are not same and earlier leaked body doesn’t have built-in flash button… I guess CanonWatch’s may be actual model coz look realistic and there’re 5 mic holes while 7D only got 4 holes for that….

  • Pedro Rojas Jorquera

    i concur with the 11 AF points, i want the 7D AF system on this camera at least.

    PD: it looks like it has built in flash because of the pic of the logo plate.

  • Mansgame

    How are the feds not investigating this as possible price fixing between Canon and Nikon? Is it just coincidence that they have the exact same categories of products being released within a few days of each other with the exact same pricing?

  • Mansgame

    If it makes you feel better, the D600 AF points are pretty useless given that they are covering only the DX part of the viewfinder.

  • Guest

    Man, 28mp would suck the memory from your computer. I want sharp and consistent focus.

  • Bua

    Priced too high for poor specs. No full viewfinder coverage, No dual SD, No weather sealing, No all cross type focus sensors, My 60D has better focus sensors, Booo… Canon look at the same product from Nikon and copy them. We won’t tell. don’t worry.

  • HP

    I doubt it’s price fixing, more so canon has been forced to set the price at this to compete with the D600.
    whoever comes out first sets the market benchmark on pricing, unless someone wants to undercut them obviously.

  • neiskyphoto

    I just bought my 5d last week!

  • Peter K T Lim

    Buy medium format DSLR lah