Sekonic Announces the World’s First Touchscreen Light Meters

Cell phones have already gone the way of the touchscreen, so why not light meters? Perhaps they will, starting today. Sekonic has just announced a two new light meters that are the world’s first to offer a touchscreen interface. The L-478D and L-478DR both feature a 2.7-inch LCD touchscreen through which settings are changed by tapping or sliding your finger.

Both meters, powered by two AAA batteries, offer a dynamic range calibration feature called exposure profiling, which adjusts your light meter based on the dynamic range capabilities of your camera. Simply load a photo of your subject into the light meter through a special program using a USB cable, and the meter can tell you whether you have information loss in the shadows or highlights of your images.

The L-478DR goes a step beyond light metering functionality by offering a built-in PocketWizard wireless flash trigger — a combo that makes a lot of sense. This lets you control the power levels of your strobes that are mounted on PocketWizard transceivers and a number of other compatible studio flash units.

The L-478DR also incorporates PocketWizard’s standard channels (1 – 32) and Quad Zone capability to trigger any flash (or camera!) with a PocketWizard connected to it, including those with PocketWizard modules built-in. Imagine a portrait session where you get more natural facial expressions from your subject by triggering your camera with your light meter. Cool, right? And that’s just the beginning of a whole world of wireless control possibilities. [#]

Here’s a video introducing the L-478DR:

The L-478D and L-478DR cost $389 and $469, respectively, and can be purchased through major online camera gear retailers.

  • arttyIV

    I wouldn’t mind seeing an adapter that I can plug into my smart phone that is accompanied with an app.

  • Bart Kuik

    Why not a light meter accessory + app for the iPhone / iPod Touch or Android?

  • bogorad

    why an adapter? i’ve been extensively using professional luxmeters recently and it turns out my SGS3 has a very accurate luxmeter of its own! i was pleasantly surprised.

  • Michael Zhang

    There’s a business idea :)

  • Antonio Carrasco

    you took the words out of my mouth/fingertips

  • derekdj

    There are several light meter apps for the iPhone, they seem to work pretty well. I haven’t done any hardcore tests against a traditional light meter, has anyone done comparasions?

  • Mansgame

    they’re not very good and I haven’t seen one that works with flash which is where I would really need one.

  • Mansgame

    This is a professional grade meter that stays in the studio.

  • Jjjustinnn

    I was thinking exactly the same

  • Mario Liedtke

    Looks VERY nice.
    But at the second look I think I would hate it. My old one with LCD is everytime ready to go and working – How will I feel if I have a fancy meter without battery power on location?

  • Glenn Owens

    I find them pretty good though for ambient light, the one I have is just called “light meter” oddly enough :)….I just stick with the old sekonic for flash.

  • Mansgame

    I’ve never had a need for an ambient light meter…there is a far better one built into my dslr after all!

  • M├írio Guilherme

    Amazingly, not that pricey.

  • ProudPagan

    Battery life?