Seagull Steals Camera, Films Itself Flying Off Into the Sunset

Be careful not to leave your camera unattended when animals are nearby — you never know what might happen. We’ve shared a number of videos in the past of animals such as monkeys, octopi, sharks, and seagulls “borrowing” cameras for their own purposes.

French tourist Nathalie Rollandin came across a camera-happy seagull recently. She was visiting the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, when she set her GoPro camera down while its was recording. Before she knew it, the camera was being carried away in the mouth of an artsy gull. Once the bird was a safe distance away, it set the camera down and recorded some beautiful footage of itself flying away into the sunset.

Moments later, Rollandin ran up to the camera and was happy to discover that it hadn’t been damaged. She writes,

On my way running after the seagull I met a woman and desperately asked “Have you seen a seagull flying with a camera in his mouth?”..she looked at me like I was totally crazy haha

Even better was the fact that she had 20 new seconds of footage that certainly became one of the highlights of her trip. “A San Francisco sunset I will hardly forget,” she says.

The bird’s sense of framing and composition is quite impressive:

(via Laughing Squid)

P.S. Here’s a random piece of photo trivia that we just came across: did you know that Seagull Camera is the oldest Chinese camera manufacturer?

Video credits: Video by an anonymous seagull based in San Francisco

  • michael

    The Question is, do there rights of the video belong to the lady or the bird?

  • Tom

    Nice composition. Must be using the “Rule of Birds”

  • Michael Zhang

    haha. one article on this story said that the bird was “talon-ted”.

  • Michael Zhang
  • lalalal

    another gopro viral campaign……

  • dhenderl


  • ninpou_kobanashi

    Are we sure she didn’t attach a sardine to the camera? (^_^)

  • PhotoMom

    Just goes to show the term “bird brain” might be a compliment after all, lol

  • DieselFitter

    OMG! We see the “bagel” fly off into the Sunset, and quickly gets REINCARNATED as a Lovely Mature Woman! PERHAPS THERE IS an Afterlife.
    ~~ oh, it’s a “bay gull”; of course, wasn’t it filmed @ San Francisco Bay!

  • Gr Andrew

    looks like they got a… “birds eye view?”

  • Steve Varcoe

    Maybe that was Jonathon Livingston Seagull trying to tell us something?????

  • James Smith

    How inconsiderate of the gull. Not one thing about camera settings, even type and model. I understand about protecting the integrity of your work, but to conceal even basic information?

  • Yeye19

    Love it

  • John Crowe

    As my third grade teacher Mrs. Weed used to say, “of all the unmitigated Gull”. I guess she didn’t like Seagulls.

  • Colin Smale

    Now let’s see if you can do that !