A DIY Mini Photo Studio Designed Using Trimble Sketchup

If you need a tabletop photo studio for nice-looking product shots, a quick build involves using a piece of poster board and some household lights. If you have a bit more time, money, and carpentry skills, you can do what Nick Britsky did and construct a dedicated mini photo studio. He started the project by creating a mockup of the studio using Google’s Trimble’s free and easy to use SketchUp 3D modeling program. Once he knew what pieces he needed, he had all the wooden parts cut out at his local hackerspace i3 Detroit. He then combined the pieces according to his model, painted the wood white, added a couple of lights from his local hardware store, and covered the sides with white ripstop nylon.

You can find more pictures of the studio here. If you’d like to build one for yourself, you can grab the Google SketchUp file that Britsky used from his website.

DIY Mini Photo Studio [Nick Drinks via Lifehacker]

  • David E

    Any child of the 80’s knows those are just leftover plans from a backyard vert ramp… ;)

  • Michael Zhang

    !!! Now THERE’S an idea!… :)

  • Mike

    Great project though the photo results leave a little something to be desired. Seems like it was built by a carpenter because he can rather than a photographer because he needs to.

  • Simeon Pilgrim

    Small correction: SketchUp is no longer owned by Google, they sold it to Trimble Navigation back in June 2012


    His paint job can do better, you can see a little bit of underlayment through

  • Michael Zhang

    Thanks Simeon :)