Pentax Announces Its New Flagship K-5 II and K-5 IIs DSLRs

After leaking onto the web late last week, the Pentax K-5 II and K-5 IIs have now been officially announced. The cameras succeed the K-5 as Pentax’s flagship DSLR, and feature a 16.3MP APS-C CMOS sensor, an ISO range of 100-12800 (expandable to 80-51200), an 11-point autofocus system, a 3-inch LCD screen, 1080p HD video recording, in-camera stabilization, RAW shooting, a 100% FOV viewfinder, full weather sealing, and 7fps continuous shooting.

A big feature in both cameras is the durable and weathersealed body. The camera contains 77 separate seals, making it dustproof, water resistant, and cold resistant.

The Pentax K-5 IIs is identical to the K-5 II, except for the fact that it eschews the anti-aliasing filter. The press release states,

The K-5 IIs is offered without an anti-aliasing filter, which is commonly found in many DSLRs to smooth computer generated imagery by decreasing high frequencies and distortion, but adversely reduces detail resolution. Without this filter, the K-5 IIs creates deeply rich, detailed imagery at supreme resolution levels.

Both cameras will be available starting in October 2012. The K-5 II will cost $1,200 for the body only, while the K-5 IIs will cost $1,300.

  • Dave Polak

    As a long time Pentax shooter, these look great. I do find it funny that they charge $100 to remove the anit-aliasing filter. Common sense would dictate that the K-5 IIs would be cheaper.

  • Nicoramos

    very goog

  • Paul

    I love Pentax cameras, I would love a weather sealed camera that shot quality video

  • John Kantor

    The only thing that is important is how good the autofocus is.

  • Athan Raptis

    I own a K-5, and absolutely love it. Though the K-5 II(s) just doesn’t offer enough for me to consider selling my K-5 and upgrading. I do like the autofocus upgrade, but am sad they didn’t overhaul the video capturing feature set. Even the ability to shoot 720 at 60fps would have been a very welcome update, or even better, 1080 at 60. For all the things that I absolutely love about my K-5, the video suite is admittedly lacking in pretty major areas. The weather sealing, however, is a happy continuation. I’ve wielded my K-5 in the most ridiculous of situations paired with the only weather sealed lens I own, and due to the sheer rugged and stubborn nature of the sealing, I have absolute confidence that it will come out alive. My first hand experiences with the weather sealing’s resilience and high low light performance make this my favorite camera body to have owned.

  • nosynths

    I have a K-7 and the auto-focus has always been a bit of a problem. Recently it’s gotten worse – or likely something is miscalibrated – to the point that, as a hobbyist photographer, I’m about ready to give up my favorite hobby. I wanted the K-5 mainly for its improved auto-focus and lower noise, but it wasn’t the right time financially. Maybe the K-5II/IIs will pull me out of a photography nosedive!! Good timing, Pentax!

  • Ivan

    I am glad they did not drop extremely successful K-5 platform, but decided to make an incremental upgrade instead. I don’t really care about video, and AF in certain situations was the major complaint. Hopefully that has been solved now, making already excellent K-5 even better.

  • 9inchnail

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the cameras were identical and the anti-aliasing is just deactivated in the firmware. Kind of a dick move but every company does it.

  • Eddie Smith

    you can’t disable it in firmware, it’s a physical item not a software feature. The reason for the cost increase is likely due to having a smaller speciaty run of sensors manufactured. Same reason the D800e costs more then the D800