Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Master Tweets Photos of “Mugging Attempt” as it Unfolds

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighter Renzo Gracie was walking on the sidewalk at 22nd street and 10th avenue in Manhattan last night, when he noticed two shady-looking fellows following him. Suspecting that they were planning to mug him, Gracie began sending live tweets and photos to his 100,000+ followers on Twitter. Once the two men finally approached him, asking for a cigarette, he decided to launch a preemptive strike by beating the crap out of the would-be assailants… while live-blogging the whole thing.

Here are some of the tweets sent out (two of the photos are shown above):

22nd street and 10th ave right now two guys following me, can’t help but have a big smile upon my face Im talking about a happy one )))

I just stop to take a pic, they pretend they are looking at the window, can’t lie… My blood runs in a different speed, man I miss Brazil

Please hold there for just a couple minutes be right back

They are coming closer, asking for a cigaret lol can’t help but have a smile in my face. I don’t smoke. Pretend to wobble. They smile

Back as he runs, no chance to catch him… Even though I began to try to run after him, I realize How slow I was. F***k it :-///

This one asks me why did I do that, pretending to be stupid, one little kick to the ribs makes him whine and apologize, as I’m writing this.

I ask him if he was planing to rob me, he says no. All he wanted was a cigarette, lol I can’t help but have a big smile upon my face, and ..

I can’t help but take a pic as his nose bleeds and he wines and asks why did I do that… Like he doesn’t know the reason…

After giving one fellow a pounding while the other ran away, Gracie drove around the block looking for the other guy. He then found him, “choked him out 3 times”, and “raccooned” him, which apparently means doing stuff to make the other person wake up looking like a raccoon.

So basically, Gracie played iPhone photojournalist in documenting his own “attempted mugging” and counterattack. Either that, or he documented himself assaulting two innocent people on the streets of New York City.

The Internet is making photo-sharing weird.

Renzo Gracie reports mugging real time over Twitter (via Laughing Squid)

Image credits: Photographs by Renzo Gracie

  • Christopher Schiebel

    A man doesn’t “preemptively” attack somebody when there is no proof of intended mugging other than being followed, which is not proof enough. It’s called self DEFENSE for a reason and this guy doesn’t get it. Had one of the goons actually said, “give me your wallet” or made some other threat, then it would be entirely different.

  • Andrew

    So if someone threatens you, pull out your pistol and shoot them, “I was afraid for my life your honour” ala Florida , that would be pre-emptive too. C’mon Captain, the guy’s just a thug.. put the mugger on the ground and run away – it’s what a real man would do..

  • OmniMode

    The only way to know the intent of the two guys is to have been there – you can tell if they’re about to get nasty by their expression and body language – they wouldn’t have to lay a finger on him for him to know they were about to mug him.

  • Steve Kombolis

    He had to stop and wait for them to catch up. It makes no sense they would stop and pretend to be looking through a store window when that is way more suspicious than simply continuing to walk in the same direction. And most people tend to smile when they see someone wasted and stumbling around. I think he wanted them to be muggers so he could tweet about how tough he is so that is what he convinced himself of.

    If they were really going through his pockets he wouldn’t have had to ask if they were going to try to rob him nor would he let them get close enough to start rooting through his pockets since he was primed for the confrontation. Although the sheer stupidity of his tweets renders it a moot point. He has no prayer of claiming self-defense under the law. I think he has charges and lawsuits in his future. That will be unfortunate if they did turn out to be muggers. Although that is a mighty big IF

  • larsd4

    This is a joke, right?

  • Captain Obvious

    What does pulling out a gun have to do with anything? That’s another philosophical discussion for a different situation where the person with the gun was doing the stalking. Besides who are you to say what “a real man would do?” I don’t know what you were raised to believe, but I was told real men don’t run away from their problems. they face them.

  • Nathan Caulford

    … Or don’t walk around in a known “mugger zone” at night. Don’t want to get on my high horse here, but without all the facts it sounds like he was looking for trouble; Was just delighted when he found it. IMHO never a good move. And not a mentally sound attitude… Again, just based on the facts available.

  • Captain Obvious

    I don’t know if you (and also other people on this comments section) are familiar with New York, but there is no “mugger zone” you can just avoid. You can get mugged any where in New York at any time, day or night. The area he was in is called Chelsea and not really known as a bad area. But I understand where you are coming from with the facts given on this site. There is much more to the story and facts to say at first, it was an act of self defense.

    Moral of the story: Be wary of people who follow you for blocks, pretend to look in closed store windows when you turn to their direction, then aggressively ask you for a cigarette and go in your pockets. On the other side, don’t mug people, especially MMA/Martial Arts Legends. If you are not a highly trained professional MMA fighter/trainer, run or try your best to give them what they (the muggers) want to avoid injury/death. I hope no one is ever in the same or similar situation.

    After all this, I’m left to wonder… What would Bruce Lee do? Or are there stories Bruce dealing with attempted muggings in the past when he was still alive?

  • mr roboto

    disgracie, heheh

  • Gary Turple

    I’m with you Howard.


    Guys a hand inside your pocket and the other guy coming around to do the same on the other side where my wallet was constitutes a robbery, they use the word cigarette, or give me a dollar as a way to justify in court to the judge that that was what they asked for, the victim normally a honest man will not lie and confirm what they were saying. Street thugs, who think they know how to beat the system, or at least raise enough doubts to get away without being convicted. But that night they were up for a surprise, I didn’t fear no retaliation from the US law system, there’s always a judge seating there, he normally knows liers better than anybody. In my country those kind of thugs have the support of the military police, so when you catch them the police is there to pretend to arrest them, and let them go later to steal again and divede the loot among themselves. There’s a Brazilian who post a comment that I should be in jail. Before he said that, he should remember the musician from Afro Reaggae who got kill on the same situation, and thank to cameras in an ATM machine, the cops were arrested. For some reason people have the habit to sympathize with the one that got his butt kicked. I was never a victim, I was the aggressor 5minutes before they approach me, I was ready for them, even if they had a gun, I was ready to give them everything I had. Those who support the ones who reach into my pocket, after I told them that I didn’t smoke, and in a very treatining way, just pray none of your loved ones be on that situation, because if they can not defend themselves, they will be nothing but another victim of a bad day