Casio QV-10: The First Digital Camera that Offered an LCD Screen and Live View

Did you know that LCD screens and live view didn’t arrive until a number of years after digital cameras hit the market? The first consumer digital camera that featured those technologies was the Casio QV-10 (seen above), which hit store shelves in 1995. However, the screen was purely for framing shots, not for eyeballing exposure, and it took roughly 10 years for live view as we know it to become ubiquitous.

The first prosumer camera to use live view for both exposure control and preview framing was the fixed-lens Canon PowerShot G1 from 2000, although this was still in the line of compact cameras.

The first DSLR to use live view for framing preview only was the fixed-lens Olympus E-10 from 2000. The first interchangeable-lens DSLR to use a live preview was the Fujifilm FinePix S3 Pro, which was launched in October 2004. Its “Live Image” mode could display a live, black-and-white preview of the subject that could be magnified for manual focusing purposes, although the preview was limited to a duration of thirty seconds. […] The first general-use interchangeable-lens DSLR with live view for framing preview only was the Olympus E-330 of 2006. The first general-use interchangeable-lens DSLRs with live view for both exposure simulated preview and framing preview were the Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III and Canon EOS 40D of 2007.

Just in case you were wondering, the terms “live view” and “live preview” are interchangeable.

Live Preview on Wikipedia (via Casio via NPhoto)

  • Mitchell Camps

    I LOVED this camera! I was given this camera as a handy down when I was about 7 years old and from there out have always had a huge interest in photography. I now own a 5D Mark II, how the times have changed. I use to take photos of my toy cars in motion and the difference between when you pressed the shutter and when the photo actually was taken was a considerable amount so I had it timed perfectly to where I could roll the car, press the shutter and the two would meet up perfectly and walla I had an in-motion car!

  • Al Artis

    I remember having one of this back when I was in highschool. My… It consumed a lot of battery. Remembered having a bunch of rechargeable AA battery in my camera bag!

  • Jonathan Yao

    I didn’t even know there was such a thing as “‘exposure simulation”, since Nikon seem to either not to have one or only do a half baked version e.g, the D7000.

  • Ludvig K√∂hler

    does anybody know how to get tools for this camera, like cables and adapters? I have the camera but no cables! so I can’t get the photos!

  • DougGrinbergs

    As I recall, the Mac software was horribly bad, dramatically impairing the user experience. (:-(

  • Arthur Small

    You can get cable and serial to usb adapter, problem is software for 32/64 bit computer. Do you have such software?