A Kitchen Timer That Masquerades as a Friendly Camera Kit Lens

If you’re as passionate about cooking and baking as you are about photography, then the GAMAGO Telephoto Kitchen Lens Timer is a fun product designed for you. It looks just like a plastic zoom lens that comes in camera kits, except it measures time instead of freezing it. The focal length numbers on the side of the lens are seconds, not millimeters. Give the rubber grip a twist, and the countdown starts. Once it hits zero, the “lens” will let out a ring to let you know that your culinary concoction is done. It’s entirely mechanical, meaning no batteries are required.

You can pick one up for $14 over at Photojojo or direct from GAMAGO, a San Francisco-based design company.

  • The_photographer_Tom

    “cook­ing and cak­ing”? You mean baking don’t you? :o)

  • DGTX

    cooking+photography=the glory!

  • Graysmith

    How awkward it would be to reach into your camera bag to switch lenses only to find out you somehow managed to put your egg timer in there instead.

  • jesseyardley

    How about a pancake lens timer for pancakes?

  • Chris Birchall

    Cool beans