Linkin Park Browser-Based Music Video Incorporates Your Facebook Photos

Linkin Park has released a new music video that makes creative use of online photos. Visit the website for the song “Lost in the Echo”, and you’ll be asked to connect with the music video using your Facebook account. Once you provide it with access, it crunches some data, and then starts playing. The video starts out like many other videos, showing a group of people in what appears to be some kind of post-apocalyptic hideout. Then one of the characters pulls out a suitcase with photos, and something catches you eye: personal photos from your Facebook albums are shown inside the video!

The video is the brainchild of interactive director Jason Nickel and Jason Zada. In 2011, Zada used the same concept, which he calls an “Interactive Live Action Facebook Connect” experience, for a creepy video titled “Take This Lollipop“. The video quickly went viral and amassed nearly 10 million likes in a very short amount of time.

Try out this music video and let us know how it goes. Depending on the content of your Facebook photos, the characters’ reactions to your images may be either eerily appropriate or hilariously bizarre.

“>Lost in the Echo by Linkin Park (via Mashable)

  • Erik Lauri Kulo

    This was a very ambivalent music video for me, because it was amazing to see the photos in the video looking so realistic even though it only took seconds to connect to FB and have it done. However, the story of the video and the way the photos were used was just utter confusing.

  • AndrĂ©e Reno Sanborn

    It connected to FB but none of my photos showed up. Tried it again and it didn’t work again.

  • Dave Brown

    way cool seeing your own pictures in there video. got a laugh too