Gravity-Defying Shots Created Using a Featureless Room

For its 2010 lookbook, Swedish fashion brand Courtrai Apparel created some gravity-defying shots of a guy floating in a featureless room. Rather than use fancy computer trickery, they used the same perspective trick as the Carl Kleiner project we shared a couple days ago.

Basically, they built a tiny room using five large wooden boards, stuck random objects (e.g. guitar, shoes, speakers) to one of the walls on the side, and then used that wall as the “ground” in the shot.

Once you realize that the wall on the left is actually “down”, the photographs stop becoming disorienting and start making more sense.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes video showing how the project was done:

The photographs were used in diptychs, with the other halves showing a closeup view of the shirts being worn. You can find a couple more photos from this series over on Facebook.

Image credits: Photographs by Peter Lundstrom/Courtrai Apparel and used with permission

  • branden rio

    It’s a neat effect — don’t take this comment wrong.

    But the problem is that everything in these photos is too perfect. The framing, the lighting, the posing, the props, everything is expertly arranged and designed. So the result may not have any CGI behind it, but it might as well have been, as this is the type of perfection that is easy for a computer artist to create.

  • chris steel

    I like the shots from day 2 more than day 1. quite like the floating body concept.