Make a Film Roll Bandolier to Make Sure You Never Run Out of Shots

Bandoliers are pocketed belts made for holding ammunition. They’re often seen in action and war movies, slung over the chests of tough guys holding big guns. If you’d like to ensure that you never run out of photographic ammo (AKA film) when you’re out and about, you can make yourself a nifty DIY film ammo strap. Photojojo says that these are inspired by old school camera straps that come with elastic film loops, but we definitely think you should go the extra mile and turn them into full-blown bandoliers.

What you’ll need is some fabric and elastic, a key ring to serve as a connector, and some sewing tools and skills. While it’s designed to be attached to your belt or to the strap mount on your camera, adding some extra length to it can turn it into a belt/bandolier. Head on over to Photojojo for the low-down on how to put this thing together!

How to Make a Film Ammo Strap [Photojojo]

P.S. We’ve written multiple times before on how there’s a historical link between guns and cameras. Many techniques are interchangeable, there’s shared terminology, and rifle butts have been used as camera stabilizers throughout history

  • Bear Silvershade

    Seriously? Is this just supposed to be a blast from the past or something? Admittedly, there are probably many people still shooting with film, but surely those that do are serious enough that they have developed better methods for keeping enough film handy than hanging a big thing off the side of their camera where it only gets in the way (and only holds three rolls of film..)

  • Hyper

    Hanging from the camera is a bad idea if you want to keep your hand from shaking..

  • Byron Edwards

    Really? This is nonsense. I expect better from this site.

  • Antonio Carrasco

    That will go perfectly with my “I am a photographer” shirt, my Nikon hat, and my big stupid photographer’s vest that holds lenses, filters and other brick-a-bracka!!!

  • ennuipoet

    I still have several “Hippy Straps” from back in the day with loops for holding the film canisters sewn into them by the manufacturer. Anyone who used them back in the day will tell you this is great way to lose your film. Put the canister in your pocket, save time, your film and yourself from looking like a nimrod.

  • Alan Dove

    What ever happened to just gaffer-taping a couple of film cans directly to the camera strap? It’s quick, cheap, secure, and exactly the way the old-school photographers did it. A 35mm film canister can also hold a couple of spare memory cards if that’s your thing.

  • Jason

    “Hey Everyone look, I shoot film!!!”

  • rtfe

    this is just runoff from the doofus photojojo site

  • James

    Make a Film Roll Bandolier to Make Sure no-one is in any doubt that you are indeed a complete d1ck-head!

  • Alexander Petricca

    I appreciate this might sound crazy but; why not just put the film in your camera bag?

  • Ahmad Amryl Abd Malek

    I put a couple in a pocket and the rest in the bag..

  • Doug

    Is it a “slow news day” here at petapixel?

  • tso

    jesus, that is stupid.

  • Seven Bates

    For the hipster douche in your family, this Christmas.