Win One of Three Boxed Copies of Adobe Lightroom 4 Worth $150 Each

Update: This giveaway is now over. The winner was randomly selected and announced below.

For our “giveaway o’ the week” this week, we’re giving away three copies of Adobe Lightroom 4 worth $150 each. If you went on vacation this past summer and have a boatload of photographs that you need to organize and post-process, this program can help you do it.

To learn how to use Lightroom 4, you can check out this collection of tutorials offered by Adobe over on YouTube. Here’s the video showing how you can do basic adjustments:

To enter this giveaway, simply answer the question:

What kind of photos will you be using Lightroom for if you win this giveaway?

This giveaway will be done through both the commenting section on this post and Twitter. You can use both methods for double the chance to win.

Entering Through the Comments

The first way to enter is to simply leave your answer as a comment on this post. Be sure that we’ll be able to contact you through your comment identification if you win.

Entering Through Twitter

This giveaway can also be entered by following our our Twitter account and tweeting your answer.

First, be sure you’re a follower:

Then, tweet your answer to the question, and include the tag “#pplr4gvwy”.

Rules & Details

This contest will end on September 3rd, 2012, and a winner will be selected randomly from all the entries.

The giveaway is open to readers outside the US as well, and shipping will be free!

Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Update: This giveaway is now over. We received 506 comment entries and 166 Tweet entries for 672 entries overall. The randomly selected winners are…


I would use Lightroom 4 to store and edit portraits, which is something I am learning to do.


I <3 @petapixel !!! I will use Lightroom to enhance concept photography for a startup

Michele Pascoe Burgee

I will use it all the time….for everything from my child’s first day of school to the next wedding i shoot. Lightroom is where it’s at!!

Congratulations! Please email [email protected] to claim your prize (we’re contacting you as well).

Thanks to everyone who entered! Please stay tuned for more awesome giveaways!

A big thanks to Adobe for providing the prizes for this giveaway!

Image credit: Cebu Vacation – 14 by Daniel Y. Go

  • Gabriele Argenta

    I would use to select, handle and organize all my best photos!

  • Andrew Ans

    I will be using it for wedding and portraits.

  • Arief Nugraha

    RAH RAH RAH RAW processing!

  • Vita Razgale

    I’ll use it for my sister’s wedding photos :)

  • Michael Leong

    I would be using for my all my photos! This includes macro, landscape and studio shots!:))

  • Jonas Keller

    I’d use it for concert and press photography mostly, some landscape here and there.. tbh, everything worth to be shot in RAW deserves to be processed in Lightroom!

  • Keri

    I’d use Lightroom to make all my pictures look great so I can finally come in first place in my community camera club. :-)

  • Dave2400

    I would be using Lightroom 4 for all the photos that I haven’t taken yet.

  • Cinda Brown

    I would use Lightroom 4 for all of my pictures. Past and new ones that I’ll be taking. I’m the family photographer. :-)

  • Lucas Ayala

    Count me in.

  • DevKom

    If I win this giveaway, I will be using Lightroom for all kinds of photos from my existing library of past work as well as for my work moving forward.

  • Hong

    what a good lightroom for scans from my tons of film taken with various place visited!!

  • KG

    Lately, my photos have been of wildlife and landscapes.

  • Gregory Vedders

    I would use it to organize my various photos of my children…thousands. My library is spiraling out of control.

  • Brad Hartland

    I have 1000+ photos I took on a recent trip to the Galapagos. That’d be a good place to start I figure.

  • Russell Kilgore Jr

    I will use my copy of Lightroom 4 for portraiture and food photographs.

  • JR

    Once upon a time, I had a 30-day free trial of LR4 and it changed my life. Now it’s gone and I’m stuck with iphoto, which is decent, but obviously not as robust and awesome. If I win the boxed copy, I would use it to process ALL my images. Please pick me, PetaPixel!

  • Scott Lindsay

    I’d use it to organize the 12000 odd family photos since iPhoto groans under the strain.

  • Ben Palmer

    If I win, I would use Lightroom to organize all my photos mainly. I have iPhoto which works great but, it annoying to pull the raw files out if iPhoto. I already have Photoshop CS3 but the lack of organizing the photos makes it much harder. I shoot mostly nature (textures, landscapes, etc.) and have to look through many photos that are the same and find the best one. This would help me to that. Thank you.

  • L Fernandes

    With Lightroom all photos can be improved.


    ALL kinds of photos, of course !!!

  • Boreux Xavier

    I would use LR to remember for ever the smile of my little four month baby Alice !

  • Siniša Frangen

    I will using it with all photos!!!!!!!!

  • Christine Conrad Lane

    I’m a mamarazzi… so I’d use it to manage all the photos of my kiddo.

  • Mike Lord

    I would use it to process everything I shoot!

  • Luchian

    I will use Lightroom for portraiture/hdr/landscape and events photography :-)

  • Greg Rinker

    I wiil be using for: dance, sports, landscape, wildlife, landmarks, people, pets, family…Thanks!

  • Sandy

    I would use it to organize and edit… I use elements 9 now … however I would really like the Lightroom. I take a variety of photos mostly landscapes and people. Many of my camera club friends have it and love, love, love it.

  • Gary W

    I would useLightroom4 for all images that require post processing.

  • patrick dinneen

    I will be using LR for every kind of photo! I still use Picasa 3 for all my editing and need to make the leap to a better solution

  • RioRyan

    Pictures of my cat, of course

  • Nishikant

    I would use lightroom for my vacation photos and for my nature photography

  • naydagcr

    I would be using Adobe Lightroom to my daily pictures that capture life itself.

  • Zack

    Mostly I will be using it for all of the photos that I have been meaning to process of the past few years

  • xpertwiz

    I never like to use LR to edit my picture. Photoshop FTW!

  • Mssngr

    I’m just learning about photography and being able to see the aperture, ISO, and shutter speed and how those factors effect a photo side by side is invaluable. It’s difficult to remember what settings I had on each shot when I upload so this software would be an incredible learning tool.

  • Simeon Pilgrim

    I would use LR4 to process all the photo’s I currently process in LR3. Seriously though mostly family photo’s.

  • Black_Hawk

    I miss my college days a lot. Will use LR4 to cherish the golden memories, those days with my good old friends, the time I would die to live again. Those moments with my lovables freezed in the snaps of time……..

  • Mache Radu

    Hi there! I’ve started a project called “What I drank?” (still working on the name :P), it involves 3 simple steps: getting a drink (anything from water, spirits, juices to milk, and maybe even medicine), try it (this is the only and most important rule for a drink to become a part of my collection), immortalized it in a simple yet beautiful photo. It may seem a simple project, but have you ever thought about how many tipes of water brands are there, everyone with their own bottles of different shapes and sizes….? This, still talking about the water, is only a small part of what I intend to accomplish. That’s why I really need Lightroom :D…I’ve just started step 2 with a bottle a beer (Grafenwalder 0.5L) so good luck everyone and 10x PetaPixel for this wonderful opportunity!

  • Winston Neutel

    Photos of kids outdoor in mixed sunlight and shade

  • facebook-53000828

    Wildlife photos and the activities my family does – action shots and whatnot

  • Ruben

    I would use Lightroom for all my pictures it is the ideal program to manage and quick edit my pictures, great interface to Photoshop.

  • Jesse King

    I would use my copy of Lightroom for family and car photos!

  • Dovie E.

    Nature photography.

  • DaMan

    I would use it with all my photos

  • vjacesslav

    I would use LR4 for photos of my friends and mine… Like wild nature, industrial things, beauty and many others. And in 2013 for the photos from cultural evenings of European capital city of Culture, which will be the town, i was born…

  • Dave Brown

    everything i shoot goes into my lightrooom i mostly shoot surf and action photos

  • JohnC

    baby pix!

  • Parthiban Ingarsal

    Adobe Lightroom will be the Best Companion to All type of photographs shot by an Amateur photographer like me, Wonderful Software. Wish to own one day.

  • Dylan Jopson

    i use lightroom to organise all my photos, particularly nature shots, mostly birds.