Synchronize Your Lightroom Catalog with the Cloud Using Mosaic View

The worlds of digital photography and cloud storage have been colliding as of late, with industry players such as Adobe and Apple coming out with services (Revel and Photo Stream, respectively) that synchronize your photo collections with the cloud.

Mosaic View is one of the newest entries in this increasingly crowded space, offering a product specifically geared for Adobe Lightroom. Launched a couple weeks ago, the desktop and mobile app allows photographers to carry their Lightroom catalogs with them wherever they go.

The concept is quite simple. Once you register for, download, and install the app, Lightroom will ask you whether you’d like to synchronize your catalog to Mosaic’s servers (multiple catalogs can be synchronized):

Once your catalog is connect to the cloud, any changes or edits you make to the photographs in the catalog will automatically be made in the cloud as well:

Using a browser or a mobile app on a smartphone or tablet, you can access your catalog through the web (e.g. present some work-in-progress to a client). There’s a slideshow mode that lets you enjoy the images remotely:

While Apple’s Photo Stream only holds your last 1,000 images, Mosaic’s free account plan has a cap of 2,000 photos. You can upgrade your account to limits of 20,000, 110,000, and unlimited for monthly fees of $7, $15, and $24. Unlike Adobe Revel, which lets you edit your images on-the-go, Mosaic View is pretty much read-only… for now. They’re planning to make metadata editing possible come fall.

The service is currently Mac-only, but the company is planning to expand to Windows sometime next month.

  • TylerIngram

    Perhaps I should start writing my own plugin for Lightroom that allows me to work off of network shares/storage with the catalogs. Don’t think I want to utilize the “cloud”

  • sadsds

    it´s not possible yet to share your photos.
    otherwise this could be a quick
    way to share photos with clients.
    as wedding photographer or portrait shooter
    your clients could have a look at the previews (once your done editing) and
    decide what they want as prints.

    when you can set a client password for
    every uploaded catalog, that would be great… or even better a client password
    for folders in a catalog.
    who wants to mess around with a few hundred
    catalogs after all?!

    the client password then would only allow to see the
    images, filter images through metadata, flag images as pick, choose number of
    prints and print size.

    since LR has the comment function the clients even
    could write a comment/wish (BW please, color key the rose) etc. online ..
    and you get it back into your local LR.

  • Matthew Baltrusitis

    Look at MosaicArchive.

  • Anton Bielousov

    Looks like someone needs to apply Camera Profile other than ACR to their RAW photos ))