Couple Traveling the World and Posing for Wedding Photos Along the Way

Horseback wedding in Banff, Canada

Manchester-based couple Lisa and Alex are on a mission to find the best place in the world to get married, and through first hand experience rather than other people’s opinions. They’re currently in the midst of a two-year journey around the world in a 24-year-old camper van, hunting for both the perfect location and the best cultural wedding ceremonies.

They stage a mock wedding in each country they visit — in the style of a culture associated with that location — and recruit a wedding photographer to help them document that experience.

So far they’ve visited dozens of countries (see a map here). One of the stated goals of the project, titled 2people1life, is to use the photos to teach the world about “all the different ways that people around the globe celebrate the universal practice of unifying two people”.

Mopan wedding in Belize. Photo by Maya Papovic

Ancient Mayan wedding in Mexico. Photo by Dean Sanderson

Traditional Huasa and Huaso in Chile. Photo by Gardner Hamilton

Traditional Xaman wedding on the rooftops of Antigua. Photo by Jose Pablo Martinez

At the end of their journey, they’ll pick their favorite wedding country and return there to officially tie the knot. They’ll also find themselves with one of the most diverse collection of wedding photographs known to mankind.

(via Brekend)

  • Ayden Gotzmer

    Very cool!

  • Jeremy Madore

    What… seriously? The best place to get married is right there in front of your spouse-to-be.

    “Live simply that others may simply live” – Ghandi

  • Miki Ballard

    this sounds ridiculously expensive. Good memories and good internet fodder, but jesus…they are basically having X number of weddings and then going to return and do it again…I’m kinda turned off.

  • Waste

    What a waste of money that could be going to help children or animals or anything besides this waste and vanity.

  • JW

    Can’t wait to see what divorce proceedings in these countries look like. Next year, maybe?

  • derper

    U never went on vacation?

  • Thewirehead

    I used to think that too, but people who have and probably earned that kind of money are welcome to use it as they see fit. Besides it’s likely that if they do have a fortune to spend they also help causes and charities. You’re assuming. They are traveling in a 24 year old camper van (I assume it’s a VW). Not exactly lavish.

  • tons

    yeah, and people go out and by all that expensive camera gear and then they want to travel around the world to take pictures!! what a waste!!

    are you sure petapixel is the right place for you? LOL :D

  • grh

    How incredibly selfish Weddings should be held where family and friends can help you celebrate.

  • Fernanda Burgos R

    I’m sorry but is actually “huasa and huaso” instead of “wasa and waso”

  • someone

    Jealous internet people are the worst. If you could travel the world with your significant other wouldn’t you love the experience? Judgy hateful people

  • swizzle

    oh shut up, i’d like to see your monthly contributions. why are you wasting money on internet access? omg you could be feeding the homeless with that. you selfish swine.
    sour grapes much?

  • bridalmallcouk

    it is so cool that i am donot believe it