Balotelli Tries to Pull a Bolt, Only Gets a Lens Hood Instead of Awesome Pictures

If you’re a superstar athlete looking to swipe a sports photographers DSLR for some impromptu picture taking, here’s a pro tip: do it nicely.

Earlier this month, Usain Bolt made headlines for some “spot news photography” at the London Olympics. After winning yet another gold medal, Bolt grabbed a DSLR from a photographer he knew and started snapping some awesome POV photos. Perhaps inspired by Bolt’s antics, soccer player Mario Balotelli of Manchester City tried his hand at swiping a photog’s camera this past weekend, but was far less successful.

While walking through the stadium’s tunnel and into the locker room, Balotelli noticed club photographer Sharon Latham snapping away at him. Deciding to have a little fun at Latham’s expense, Balotelli decided to try and swipe the camera, grabbing it by the attached flash unit and yanking it upwards.

Latham held on tightly, though, and in the end Balotelli had to settle for the lens hood, which he twisted off and quickly ran away with.

If only Latham had given the camera over, we might now be debating whether Balotelli or Bolt is the better photographer.

  • Nate Powers

    I personally think this is outrageous…Who is he to grab someones gear and walk away with it? Sure your a great athlete, but your not above the law. The Olympics when he grabbed the camera from the photographer, I can understand that in a lapse of judgment from excitement however I don’t think this is very professional of him to simply show the world its ok to grab and take whatever he damn well pleases.

  • Wayne Lennon

    What an idiot, soem of the things he does are funny, some help people (charity stuff) but most of the time he acts like a spoilt kid.

  • Joey Duncan

    Is there any follow up to this? I’m interested in if he was just pissed because he couldn’t get the camera and jacked the hood or was still thought it was a joke. I mean the guy looks like an ar$e for doing so, but I’d rather not start throwing names around about him being a XXXX soccer player etc.

    If you do post a follow up, site it.

  • Ralph Hightower

    Thug! Surely he could afford to buy a DSLR camera for himself.

  •!/thelonelylights Adam Cross

    before you get your pants in a twist – this woman is the official photographer for Manchester City football club – she’s around these guys all the time and they’re always playing jokes and pranks on her. he wasn’t being a dick, they’re just always messing around

  • Joakim

    I expect Balotelli whould have paid for repairs of the flash unit if the shoe mount had broken, which probably wasn’t far off from happening.

  • Mansgame

    I think he just voided her warranty.

  •!/thelonelylights Adam Cross

    the players are always messing around with Sharon, she’s the clubs official photographer – she’s in their faces on a daily basis snapping away and they try and get her back with jokes and pranks etc – this was just another case of them messing around

  • polliop

    because he is a Sony fan boy he want her canon

  • LJPhoto

    WHAT A TOOL!!! Fantastic role model for the kids….. NOT!!!!

  • brandon

    i know nothing of these people, but i think this video clearly shows that he was messing around with her and was only trying to get the lens hood, not the whole works or anything. i don’t know how funny it is, but from her reaction, it was fine and she’ll probably get him back shortly.

  • Chris Popely

    Ha, the first words out of my mouth were exactly that, ‘what a dick’!

    I did wonder why she was laughing so much. =)

  • Dennis Warren

    Messing around is fine…how about she break his frikin’ leg…how cute would that be??? Athletes and actors need to grow up. And just because he was “messing around” doesn’t mean he isn’t a dick !!!

  •!/thelonelylights Adam Cross

    she works around the Manchester City players on a daily basis, they’re always trying to play pranks on her because she’s always in their faces snapping photos – can’t remember when it was but there was a time when she was snapping away next to the tour bus and a bunch of the players just dog piled on top of her!

  •!/thelonelylights Adam Cross

    you’re not getting it, she works around these guys on a daily basis – 5 players dog piled her outside the tour bus one time, she’s in their faces snapping photos so they play pranks on her – it’s not being a dick, it’s called getting back at co-workers, having fun y’know!? fun?

  • monteraz

    The title you wrote for this entry is simply brilliant.

  • iris

    some… spoiled

    You welcome :p

  • iris

    someones: didn’t know there was a plural form too.

    your = belongs to you.

    its = belongs to it.

    power of apostrophe :p

  • khairul

    good observation :-)

  • 9inchnail

    Maybe it’s not even her camera. She’s the club photographer and maybe the club owns the equipment.

  • Ash

    *spoilt. British English.

  • Bua

    Looks like a joke. ‘without humor this world will be a sad place.

  • Cesar Martinez

    negro ratero.