The Basics of Flash Photography Taught Using a Garden Hose

Photography instructor Mike Browne of PhotographyCourses.Biz has a clever way of teaching the basic principles of flash photography. He uses water from an ordinary garden hose as an analogy for light, showing different ways you can go about soaking your portrait subject.

Direct flash is like spraying a blast of water directly into someone’s face, adding a diffuser is like using a softer pattern on your garden hose nozzle, and bouncing your flash is like spraying the stream off a wall in order to turn it into a gentler mist that drenches your model from the side.

The next time you’re engaged in a water fight with friends or family, be sure to use your blasts of water as teaching moments for imparting basic flash concepts. Try screaming, “THIS IS DIRECT FLASH!”

(via Reddit)

  • 9inchnail

    No way, he’s gonna spray that girl with the water, no freakin’ way… whoops, he just did it.

  • artie insem

    Just read a similar article, but they used a garden hose to teach animal husbandry..

  • Robby Cornish

    did he just call HER a cow? lol

  • brob

    why couldn’t she have been wearing a white shirt? ;)

  • Adam Banks

    Finally, to demonstrate the value of all those flashes going off at rock concerts, he pisses in the wind.

  • Ralph Hightower

    Lorna was a good sport. She also proves that payback is hell.

  • Sid Ceaser

    I now demand all forms of instructional videos to feature cute buxom models being doused with water. Y’know, for the sake of “education”. Then again, I wasn’t paying attention at all to what he was saying. . . ;)

  • Mansgame

    The diffuser example he gave isn’t very good. What he did is pretty much change the zoom level – the water is still harsh. he should have put a screen in front of her and then spray the water through that.