Yahoo Reportedly Looking for a New Flickr Head via Acqui-Hire

Remember that new Flickr account we reported on yesterday that appeared to be owned by Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer? Turns out it actually wasn’t her, and was quickly taken down after becoming a big story in the blogosphere.

TechCrunch reports that Mayer actually does have a Flickr account — one that’s set to private.

They also report that the sudden increase in the Flickr team’s headcount was already in the works prior to Mayer’s arrival. However, there’s is one interesting thing she’s trying to do for the service: find a new executive Flickr Product Head.

Not just any ol’ executive, mind you: Mayer is trying to find a suitable leader for the photo sharing service via acquisition. In other words, she’s looking for an exciting photo company to acquire so that she can place its leader at the head of Flickr.

[Mayer] is currently sniffing around the startup ecosystem for likely candidates; as it will probably be difficult to find the talent the company is looking for through a simple hire. The strategy is to have an entrepreneur in charge. And there are rumors that much of the existing team is being completely reorg’d, which is big company speak for dismantled.

Instagram has already been snatched up by Facebook, so its CEO Kevin Systrom is no longer an option. It’ll be interesting to see if she does in fact snatch up one of the other independent photo services out there… 500px, maybe?

P.S. That Marissa Mayer HOPE poster photo at the top shows an actual employee-created poster that’s up somewhere in Yahoo’s Sunnyvale headquarters. It was shared by Google’s director of product management, Hunter Walk.

  • Samcornwell

    How about that bloke who runs Petapixel? He’s hard-wired into the web , social media and loves all things photography.

  • Michael Zhang


  • MikeAlgar42

    Now that you mention, yeah. I love that blog, whilst I might not like all the posts, there’s always plenty. That bloke really has done well with it. [/flatter]

  • Nathan Blaney

    Given the working relationship Flickr has with Getty Images, I bet they’ll be looking there, for sure.

  • Thomas Hawk

    The Techcrunch story feels off to me. I could totally be wrong though. Time will tell I suppose.

  • Mansgame

    I 2nd this