Leica M10 to Launch Next Month, Said to Feature Live View and HD Video

The new Leica M10 will almost certainly be announced at Photokina next month, and may have quite a few “firsts” for a camera in the M rangefinder lineup.

In addition to confirming the launch date, Leica reviewer Steve Huff writes that that the camera will likely hit store shelves in late February or early March 2013.

The rumored specs for the camera are quite interesting. As suggested by alleged photos leaked back in July, there is a strong chance that the camera will feature live view.

First Leaked Photos of the Upcoming Leica M10? leakedm10

The guts will reportedly be a 24 megapixel CMOS sensor — a big change from the previous digital Leica M cameras, which contained CCD sensors manufactured by Kodak. While it’s unknown who the new CMOS sensor will be provided by, it seems that Leica might be moving away from the Kodak sensors — especially since the business was sold to a California based investment firm.

Additional features include an external electronic viewfinder attachment, HD video recording, and improved high ISO performance.

Finally, a fact about the camera that you don’t need rumors or a crystal ball to figure out: it’ll be pricey. Expect a hefty Leica-style price tag of around $7,000 to $10,000. Time to start saving up!

(via Steve Huff Photos)

Image credit: Photo by Art of the Story

  • leica nothanka

    I’d love to see statistics on what percentage of typical M9 shooters’ photos are out of focus. Perhaps accompanied by clips of whingy socialites moaning about the lack of autofocus.

  • Tanja Schulte

    when you buy a leica M9 you probably know how to use a camera.

    sure there will be a few filthy rich who buy it only as status symbol.
    but i guess the nikon entry level DSLR shooter will have more out of focus images. :)

  • Tim

    The Camera Snob’s camera. I used to work in a camera shop, i’ve seen the people who own Leicas and their “cut above the rest” attitude. Just buy a 5DMK3 and a couple of L primes AND STOP BEING A TWAT!

  • lookyleica

    I think you might be way off in your evaluation of Leica buyers’ ability to shoot. This camera is for the elite. Very few serious photographers are using it, and those that are are getting them for free.

  • Robert Fitzgerald

    No doubt this camera is cool and fun. But at that price it would have to make me become a better photographer and buy me dinner every night for a month.

  • Chris

    Can I just ask what manual focus has to do with images being out of focus? Besides lack of skill shooting manual focus, that is.

  • dodude

    Not very high. I have used mostly canon slr cameras and at one point i traded all my canon gear for a leica m8 with some lenses. The percentage of out of focus pictures was much lower than with my canons, because you put more thought in each picture. The leica thaught me a lot about composing and not to just spray and pray. Anyhow i am back to a 5dII only because i shoot a lot macros. Hoping to get a leica again someday. Maybe after the m9 drops in price.

  • Tanja Schulte

    well i don´t know where your info comes from but i am surrounded by PRO photographers. many of them own a leica and love to shoot with them. many of them would never use anything then a leica for street photography.
    and none of them got it for free… that´s for sure.

  • Tanja Schulte

    well it´s great to see you have no prejudices……

  • dodude

    My (full frame) 5d with a 50mm f1.4 is a huge lot bigger than a M9 (full frame) with a 50mm summilux, and from what I have seen the leica makes better pictures, ESPECIALLY the lens. you cant put a price and a snob-factor on that.

  • Boogaloo

    Sounds like someone can’t afford one!

  • Boogaloo

    Would that be a chip on both shoulders. I can’t afford one, you can so you’re a twat. Only a real twat would say something like that

  • LOTD

    Aren’t you the one who called America “Land of the dumb”? I guess you are the only one allowed to have prejudices?

  • Ali

    With 10k you can get 3 bodies full frame Nikon D800, and you can choose one Leica ?? isn’t that waist of money if i choose the stupid Leica?

  • Ali

    With 10k you can get 3 bodies full frame Nikon D800, and you can choose one Leica ? isn’t that waste of money if i choose the stupid Leica?

  • Chotiwat Ont

    need to wait and see the image quality from the change of CCD to CMOS…. Not a big fan of live view or movie ability…. this camera is best for street photography because of its small size and high performance…. electronic viewfinder aids would be a cool feature to have…. can’t wait to see what improvement on the LCD would be…. M9 lcd really sucks……..

  • HomeyDontPlayDatYo

    How many cameras can you shoot with at one time? Three? I can only use one. I’d be happy with the Leica. After 6 months on a waiting list and receiving one of the thousands of D800s with defective left autofocus, I returned it and bought a Leica.

  • HomeyDontPlayDatYo

    How many cameras do you use simultaneously? Three?

  • 9inchnail

    It’s not a prejudice if it applies to most of them.

  • Jesse

    I just don’t understand why people think leica shooters are twats. I use an m9 and m6, along with my nikon gear. i much prefer using the leica’s. anyway my point is, i carry around a tiny camera and lens on the streets, then i see people walking around with their big dslr’s and telezooms acting like they are “pro”. I think it’s pretty obvious who the twats are.

  • Torch

    The M8 and M9’s are too fat! Like bricks to hold and clumsy, fake feeling. Bring back the M6 with digital please!!!!!!

  • Tanja Schulte

    i never denied that the 5D is a big brick… that´s why many choose the M9 for street photography … as i wrote….

  • Tanja Schulte

    exactly.. i lived for 1 year in america.
    after george w. bush they have to live with that mark of cain. :D

  • Messsucherkamera

    Yet another reason to stick with film Leicas.

    And then there’s the price issue: For around $1500USD, you can get a minty used M body.

  • Messsucherkamera

    Yet another reason to stick with film Leicas.

    And then there’s the price issue: For around $1500USD, you can get a minty used M body.

  • matt jones

    black and white silent movies, variable 12-24 fps, can’t wait

  • Peter Elmholt

    Oh no. Not something pop and “some more fun” on an M camera. So please Leica stick to a real camera, your good philosophy of how a true rangefinder camera must be with a sharp ccd sensor and lower noise ratio. The camera up to your eye, no Live View, thanks. Regards Peter. DK