Curious Photos of Headless People

San Francisco-based photographer Lee Materazzi doesn’t just take pictures of people jammed into uncomfortable spaces. She also photographs people with their heads stuck into random locations for photos that make them look strangely headless. The quirky images have titles that include “Head in Table”, “Head in Rug”, and “Head in Sand.”

As with all of her work, the images aren’t Photoshopped.

You can find more of these images over on her website.

Image credits: Photographs by Lee Materazzi and used with permission

  • jdm8

    Why write an article highlighting this? This looks dumber than “planking”.

  • hawk1500

    I thin that last pic might’ve been cooler if the head was stuck in the TV.

  • galoriaa

    Amazingly enough, the heads were found up a prominent gallery owner’s “SD slot”

  • Richard Lee

    I do not believe the head wasn’t not photoshopped. It is just impossible to bend in the way the picture shown.

  • Rob

    They aren’t bending their necks to hide the heads, the heads are going through the objects they are resting on, you can see the hole in the last table image

  • Helenka

    Phanatastic, I really love this!