Tuna Fishers Place Camera in Torpedo, Capture Amazing Footage of Dolphins

On Monday, a group of four friends went on a fishing trip in the Pacific Ocean. Taking their boat “A Salt Weapon” 20 miles west of Santa Cruz, Mark Peters, Jeremy, Dave, and William were expecting a fun-filled day of albacore tuna hunting. What they ended up capturing was so much more.

Wanting to save some memories of their trip and film their battles with tuna from underwater, Peters decided to bring along a GoPro Hero 2 camera fitted inside a $50 custom-made torpedo.

As they hauled up fish after fish, something unexpected happened: a pod of Pacific White-Sided dolphins decided to show up and swim with their boat.

Dropping the torpedo back into the water, Peters managed to snag some of the most beautiful underwater footage you’ll ever see, showing the large group of dolphins swimming playfully behind the camera as it travels through the water.

Check out the video above — the amazingness starts at around 1:40 — and be prepared to pick your jaw off the ground.

After the video started going viral online, GoPro decided to feature it as “Video of the Day” on its Facebook page. Peters has also been asked repeatedly about the details of his custom torpedo design. He’s currently considering selling it or licensing the design.


  • jan

    sell the video to the BBC, brilliant shots!

  • Face Value


  • Rūdolfs Rancāns

    no matter how hard I try, it just looks like CGI.

  • Néstor René Cussí

    Really cool video and custom-made torpedo.
    Sell the video to the BBC, sell or licensing the torpedo design, sell, sell, sell. What about sharing it?
    In my point of view, if you can have or rent one of those boats, you don’t really need an extra income.

  • Rodder

    They were just doing this to get more likes on their Facebook page.

  • Rodder

    They were just doing this to get more likes on their Facebook page.

  • J

    I agree. That was the first thought in my head too.

  • branden rio

    Things people do and make have value.

  • gogo

    Why were you killing Tuna in the first place, to eat them, or just for fun? Killing for fun…

  • Michael O’Donnell

    Might want to remove some of that copyrighted music before selling the video.

  • Sonya

    oh my goodness….

  • David Rychart

    I’m sure a little from column A, a little from column B…

  • B

    Can someone tell me what’s the name of the Pearl Jam song that is in the beginning of the video? Thanks

  • Skip

    What is also amazing is how sunny it got when the dolphins showed up. CGI?

  • Jason Denning

    This is definitely CGI, why has this even been posted?

  • Scotty

    Oceans from the Ten album

  • Gurgly

    the first thing I thought was how can they be moving so fast without hardly moving their bodies at all – are they that efficient under water?

  • Mansgame

    Things I liked:
    The dolphins if it is in fact real footage and not CGI.
    The quality is amazing.

    Things I dislike:The music is godawful. If he’s going to use copyrighted music, might as well pick something better.

    The whole clubbing of Tuna is kind of disturbing. I was going to share the video but I have vegan friends so decided to be sensitive to their views. I hope at least they eat the tuna and not just mount it on a wall or something.

  • calogero

    this is so fake, gopro suck hard. SONY RULEZ

  • Davesix

    It would be better played at normal speed. Those dolphins are amazing quick. They like to ride the bow wave, and, if you slow the boat, they lose interest and leave.

  • killermotion

    Not CGI. I am sure these guys were planning on having some tuna for dinner. Fishing is for fun, killing is for eating. Combining the two makes for a tasty tuna steak.

  • Maerks

    Just as I feared, people got used to CGI that we mistook any magical encounters such as these and label it as a CGI. If a red filter was used then this will truly look like CGI nonetheless.

    It’s a beautiful encounter I almost cried. :)