Usain Bolt Nabs Photographer’s DSLR, Snaps Awesome POV Shots

Ever wonder what it’s like to be the world’s fastest man winning a gold medal at the Olympics? Usain Bolt wants you to know.

After sprinting to victory in the 200m race today, Bolt proceeded to run over to the photographers’ pit, commandeer a Nikon DSLR from one of the photographers, and snap super wide angle views of what he was experiencing. The photographer, Jimmy Wixtröm of Aftonbladet (Scandinavia’s largest paper), left the event with memories of a lifetime and a memory card containing epic images that are the envy of many a sports photographer.

Here are a few of the photographs captured by Bolt, showing fellow Jamaican sprinter Yohan Blake joking around, a sea of fans cheering him on, and a wall of photographers trying to capture the moment for their organizations:

Wixtröm is even seen in one of the photographs snapped by Bolt:

You can see the entire slideshow of high-res photos of Bolt and by Bolt over at Aftonbladet.

Update: Here’s a short interview with the photographer (thx ISO 1200!):

Here’s a video showing Bolt doing the photography:

Image credits: Photographs by Jimmy Wixtröm and Usain Bolt

  • will hall

    so I take it they got permission from the copy-write owner before publishing the images?

  • Trey Campbell

    I’m surprised no officials stopped him since he didn’t have a press pass. (Sorry, I’m a little upset after seeing that anti-terrorism video….)

  • DaGuerre

    It’s Copyright…not copy-write. And who is “they?”

  • Eric Knape

    How does one become a sports photographer. Taking photos in official capacity at the Olympics is a dream job!

  • mrbeard

    i’m guessing their Bolts images since he took the photo? i cant recall the outcome from that zoo story a while back, was it the person who pressed the shutter or the camera owner that owns them?

  • Persio Pucci

    Photos taken by Bolt should pertain to him, if it was in the US… not sure how it works in the UK.

  • Usain Membrane

    Brings a whole new meaning to zoom lens

  • mredr81

    He knows how to run and also knows how to take a picture.

  • Roger Feederer

    Take photos of sports.

  • Mansgame

    well if it was a work for hire type of thing, the wire service has the copyright.

  • iamadamb

    Would suck if the camera was configured for back button focus :D Try explaining that to someone. Not fun

  • Joe

    I really don’t think anyone cares

  • Kenny

    *they are / they’re but not their >_>

  • Kirkda Khan

    The copyright would be Bolt’s, regardless of whose equipment it was or if the photographer was under contract to a news agency.
    If someone painted a painting using your canvas, brushes, and paint, you would not be allowed to lay claim to the painting itself. You could, however, retain custody of the canvas, but you could not distribute or sell the art on it without the consent of the painter (whether you could destroy or repaint the canvas would likely be an extenuating circumstance requiring judicial intervention).

  • perceptionalreality

    Work for hire, or work-made-for-hire, or WMFH, always involves a specific contract. I assure you Usain Bolt didn’t sign such a contract.

  • Michael J Traynor

    I saw this race, and well … Jamaica rocks!

  • Mike

    I would assume the images would be Bolt’s, though I doubt he will file any type of copyright claim to them since he has a day job he is rather good at.

  • Just Sayin

    Reading is fundamentally enriching.

  • 9inchnail

    Jawohl, mein Fuehrer!

  • Robin G

    That’s crazy ! What’s se lens ? look like a samyang 8mm

  • im the smartest

    funny seeing idiots discussing on copyrights. is it a big deal idiots?

  • Bee

    was he on Program mode?

  • JaZepi

    Only us people who like confusing other people use back button focus ;)

  • malcom x

    black people won

  • davarm

    U saw this race, man — how could u miss it and jamaica has always rocked since rock of ages was invented!

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  • will hall

    yikes a lot of hate there, it was meant tougne in cheek but i guess tone of voice gets lost in text

  • Kemi Muyi-Adeniyi

    good advert for Nikon :) nice shot from the fastest sprinter in the world, congrats Bolt, and to Jamaica

  • Ben Rippingale

    They’d have to catch him first! ;)

  • ☮ Ffion ツ

    In the last picture the one with a red circle does have a camera in his hand he’s just holding it down

  • Phil

    Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8

  • heather briggs

    wonderful pictures ” a true sportman” God bless Jamaica and the World!!!!

  • Joe Corrigan

    Lucky Usain isn’t a thief. I mean if he decided to surname it out of there. Who’s gonna catch him?

  • Josh Boulton

    And I guess it would be impossible for a sports photographer at the world’s largest sporting event to bring more than one camera with him.

  • Nikolas

    ce fut deja le cas lors des championnats du monde à Daegu quand Bolt avait prit le D3S du photographe Jimmy Wikström

  • Sean Finnegan

    Why does Usain Bolt have to be such a cool dude?

  • boss dile

    bolt brings fun to olympics thanx, u r the man of the moment in olympics can phelps do tht?

  • Judge_D

    Great pics that give an insight into what it must be like being the centre of the world’s attention. However, without dismissing Mr Bolt, with that camera, that lighting, that setting and that subject matter, it would be pretty much impossible to take a bad photo.

  • AM3RIG

    congrats! & awesome!

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Don’t also forget that the photographer will have had to setup the exposure before handing it to bolt. What if it had been set to manual exposure, back-button or manual focus and manual AF point selection?

    Bolt would have been, like, “Your camera’s broken, man!” :)

  • Ava

    Even if the exposure was preset, you’d be surprised how easy it is to still take a blurry bad picture (I’ve done it). Pretty good for Bolt, especially given the thrill of what he just accomplished moments ago.
    And about who owns the photos? Guys, it’s not that serious! Bolt is not going to sweat it. Believe me, that is not even in his mindset…we nuh move dat way.
    Big up Bolt, and the rest of the 200m Triumvirate. They made me very proud!

  • Tommy Bee

    Presumably other media organisations will feel free to republish the images as whoever owns the camera isn’t gonna sue them.

  • Bret Douglas

    Shooting that wide, it probably wouldn’t matter.

  • kalakalappu

    punde kelepe go go mairandi sunni sappi

  • Judah

    $5 says Nikon use Bolt to introduce their next “ultra-fast” processor.

  • Judah

    Spend your time and money going to public sports events. Build up your portfolio. Then, you can start submitting pictures to magazines/publications (WITH release). To photograph the olympics you are either going to have to work for a legitimate press organization, or….nope, that’s about it.

  • jake

    great that u brought the pictures

  • Jim Hughes

    My question is about photo copyrights. Who owns the copy rights of the photos taken by Usain Bolt. Does Mr. Bolt own them or the owner of the camera. My interpretation has whoever pushes the shutter button owns the copy rights of the photos.

  • Sonya


  • pakita_ko_sayo