Upcoming Sony NEX-6 Will Reportedly Have Wi-Fi, Internet, and Apps

It looks like the digital camera industry is moving quickly towards building mobile operating systems into its products.

Yesterday we reported that a soon-to-arrive Nikon camera will be powered by Android, and today rumors have emerged that Sony will be offering something similar in its NEX line of mirrorless cameras.

SonyAlphaRumors wrote today that the upcoming Sony NEX-6 will offer “full Internet support” and be almost iPhone-esque in their functionality (without the making and receiving of calls, of course). It will become the first non-compact camera to offer these features.

This means that photographers will be able to connect to the Internet on their cameras through Wi-Fi, browse the web, and make full use of apps.

While photography purists might groan at the mention of “apps”, the possibilities afforded by apps would be quite interesting: many of the features currently offered by dedicated accessories could be handled by the camera itself.

To shoot time-lapse imagery, simply open up an intervalometer app, set it, and forget it. Need to quickly stitch 360-degree panoramas? Third-party developers could strive to create the best tool for doing so.

Photo shooting, sharing, and viewing may soon be entirely done through digital cameras.

Other rumored specs for the camera include an integrated viewfinder and a revamped 16-megapixel APS-C sensor. The price is rumored to be in the $900-$1000 range. No word on when it will arrive, but it’s likely sooner rather than later.

Image credit: Sony NEX by Adrian Holerga

  • SeriouslyWTF

    Who has two thumbs and won’t be buying a Sony NEX-6?



  • bb

    Good iphone killer

  • DbsweeeeeenyToad

    Battery life should be just amazing. I mean amazingly crappy.

  • Scott Scheetz

    In my opinion, a camera should be for taking pictures, and not for playing apps. I know I won’t be buying one of those.

  • Derek

    Playing apps? Like an intervalometer app? Custom config apps? An app that tweaks buffer. Maybe a focus stacking app. Change bracketing app… maybe it’ll even take pictures. Just saying, this has an amazing potential for future cams. Hopefully they’ll leave the games out of it.

  • Peter Croft

    UGH! No thank you. Not interested.

  • CmdrAdobo

    hahaha.. camera with CIDR calculator :)

  • Joseph John Orchulli II

    A nice tool for spot news reporters. for sure!

  • kuo

    Apps are the future of cameras..

  • Felipe

    Think of it as built-in and company-supported CHDK or MagicLantern. If the camera doesn’t do what you want out of the factory, it can be extended to do so by the customers, and that is awesome… if you can overlook the fact that it’s a Sony. :P