Olympics Photographer Caught Having Lens Cap Dysfunction

A photographer at the London 2012 Olympics was spotted by a television camera making an embarrassing mistake that’s usually limited to newbies: forgetting to remove the lens cap. As he tries to photograph Japanese gymnast Kohei Uchimura using his DSLR’s live view, the photographer notices that his LCD screen is strangely blank. After a short period of befuddlement, he realizes the errors of his ways, quickly corrects it, and casts a classic sidelong glance to see if any of his photographer buddies were secretly laughing at him.

We shared a similar video last year, but that photographer had more of an excuse: he was shooting with a rangefinder.

(via Reddit)

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  • brob

    this is not limited to newbs.. it’s happened to all of us.. multiple times and everyone knows it

  • Fenriq

    The look is the best part! And now he’s FAMOUS! HAHAHA! I expect he’ll be on The Today Show by Tuesday.

  • Dean W. Thompson

    This makes me feel better about myself.

  • Alex Cruceru

    :)) now this is funny , I am not the only one! Ieeeei!

  • brut

    It happens.

  • Ben Woodworth

    He better be shooting video. No pro photographer should be shooting with a DSLR using the LCD screen in LiveView mode.

  • Nony

    At the very least he knows there is something wrong.

  • Rhed

    I’m with brob, we’ve all done this. But it’s never taken me TEN SECONDS to figure out what the problem is! Poor guy, he’ll never hear the end of this.

  • Hank Reynolds

    How do you know he’s in live view? He’s previewing his black frame he just captured…c’mon now think

  • Big Deal

    Big deal! It was a mistake! It could happen to any photographer. This isn’t even news worthy!

  • Dano

    You can see after he takes off the cap that he is focusing on him with the screen rather than the viewfinder..

  • what the

    Pf… awesome blog post

  • Cor Oskam

    With a compact camera you won’t have this problem….

  • steve

    This is why I use a UV filter as a lens cap when I’m in the field between shots. My lenscap lives in my bag

  • PunchRockgroin

    I don’t know a single photojournalist who hasn’t dumped their lens caps. It’s the first thing you do and you’re told to do it (“You won’t win any world press photos by messing with your lens caps”, were the words, more or less…) :)

    Though I’ve seen people freak out by having their camera on self timer (and I’ve done it myself. It’s no less embarrassing…)

  • Zhemin

    Pretty normal to happen with a rangefinder camera, but with a DSLR, So obvious why its blank, and why would he keep on staring at the screen, look through the viewfinder ;’O .
    DSLR should have live view, its useless ;’D

  • Renato Murakami

    That’s why I’ll never be a pro, always condemned to the confinements of newbness… :P
    Seriously though, it happens… and he must be pretty nervous with the moment and all.

  • willbaroo

    Ummm landscapes?!

  • Vincent

    I think this sums up people who shoot Nikon. Not the sharpest tools in the shed…

  • Notasperfectassomeofyouguys

    Much ado about nothing.
    It’s going to happen to you but we’ll won’t know, will we?

  • Bobby Espedilla

    It may happen to all even to the pro

  • pryere

    Rule # 271
    Hood on, cap off.

  • Rex

    The other two next to him are using Nikon too, so statistically it’s only 33.3% of Nikon users that are rather thick. Whereas the Canon in the video seems to be more interested in the other tog’s head than the actual athlete.

  • Troy Forbes

    Yep. My 3 rules of photography, 1 Camera on, 2 lens cap off, 3 (and trust me on this one) when your done with the camera back pack bag, you zip it up!

  • Mark Ryan Eugenio

    at least he knew it. worse is when he immediately bring the camera to the service centre. LOL

  • daniel

    noooo…no puedo creerlo, es tal cual el dicho…que papa es la vida pa”algunos, eso no puede ser un fotografo, es un colado con una camara, que mundo gentil… y uno aqui a la espera…noooooo es muy fuerte…salu al tipo y larga vida!!!! jua jua jajaja

  • kn00tcn

    he’s moving the cam closer obviously… question is if it’s worth it

  • Giles R Rocholl

    35 years a pro ..still happens to me sometimes ;oD